Monday, June 2, 2008

First Look: 2008 SP Rookie Threads


First off, let me say that last year I hated, nay, despised this lame attempt at a set built around manufactured letters. The box was $250 MSRP last year as well, making this the "must avoid" product of the year for 2007. I couldnt understand why they would ever consider bringing this pile of crap back for 2008. But, alas, I was proven wrong again by the GENIUSES at UD.

Secondly, after looking at the sell sheet for this year's product, not much has changed in terms of layout. Its still a ridiculous amount of coin and there are still a buttload of cards you wont want. The good thing is that the veteran subsets look MUCH better, and the letters look better too. Lets hope they dont have black, gold, and gray letters like they did last year to determine rarity. Change the color of the card, dammit, dont change the color of the letter. Stick to team color letters, they actually look much better that way.

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  1. Actually, this product will be much improved for 2008. The letter colors will match the college they attended such as McFadden will spell out his last name, Arkansas and Razorbacks. The lettermen will also explain on the back of the card what they spell out. There will be a larger legends checklist this year as well.