Monday, June 16, 2008

Poll Results Discussion II

Well, the poll has closed, and I think its results pose some interesting questions. One being why in the world people would want to bust 5 boxes of a mid end product rather than having the sure thing in the cut, logo, or RC patch auto.

I selected RC patch auto of the top rookie for the year because I think those usually are worth more than anything. I like the logo patch option, but this is the best bet for coolness. I know what I would be getting and I know that it isnt going to be crap as the 3 colors are tough to come by.

Im surprised more people didn’t choose the logo patch option as those cards are never going to lose value. Even the crappiest of logo patches still get 50 bucks, and to have a good one would be a centerpiece to any collection. The lack of an auto and the non-specific nature of the choice was damaging, but still suprising. This was my second choice.

The other option was the HOF cut sig, and I can understand why this was as popular as it was. Cut sigs are cool to pull and will never lose value in the long run. The guy has already reached the top honor, so its not like there is going to be some kind of drop off unless there is some kind of scandal.

Lastly was the most popular choice at over half the votes. I don’t get it. People disregarded the bird in hand for two in the bush and did so at a 2 to 1 clip. Wow. You could bust the 5 boxes and get squat and then you are stuck with the realization that you could have had one of the other three. On the other hand, you could get a nice pull, but odds are against that.

We also have a winner for the contest (he was dead on), and if geomon could drop me an email with his address, the card will be on its way.


  1. I think that the poll results reflect what it is that the blog readers actually collect.

    Collecting cards might not just be about the big hit that you're guaranteed to get, and trust me, busting five boxes of wax is a HELL of a lot more fun that getting ONE pack guaranteed to have a hit.

    Besides that in the end you have five boxes worth of product to trade or wallpaper your den with.

  2. Address sent.

    I will tell you exactly why I chose 5 boxes of mid end stuff. It's because I don't believe there is such a thing as high end stuff. I treat all of the cards I have ever pulled (which have all come from retail) equally.

    Keep this in mind. One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

  3. Big heads up to you on this possible problem with Donruss serial numbering.....check it out.

    Here is a link to my post on the Topps Message Board. This may make Upper Deck seem like saints, or there is a really, really, really good con artist out there.

  4. I dont think the DLP thing is a big deal. They have a bunch of stuff with parallels for those. It could be a jersey auto vs a patch auto - I dont think it says much.

  5. You are correct Gellman. i checked out there checklist and there are two auto subsets of the Throwback Threads. The prime and un-prime. Interestingly the un-prime card (the one I held and saw) actually feels like a number patch too.

    The issue I still somewhat have is that they have two different auto subsets and serial numbered them both out of #/5 for Marino. The least they could have done was made it #/10 for one and #/5 for the prime. The same serial number issue can just cause confusion. Oh well.

    All this parallel crap is just too much, especially if they are the same card design on all the different cards (parallels and non-parallels).

  6. Alas, I am glad you have stumbled on my hate of Parallels. Regular and gold are all their should be unless you have "Bowman" in your product title.