Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ninja Warrior: Eat Your Heart Out

If you didnt watch WIPEOUT! on ABC last night, you definitely missed out. Normally I dont go off topic here, but damn, this was one fucking funny show. For those of you who are Ninja Warrior fans, im sure you were right in your element. The difference? These idiots were not even close to the level of those people on G4 TV.

Special treat: John Anderson's commentary, MXC style. Check it out.


  1. I've got a great new idea for a TV show. Lets watch some old episodes of Takeshi's Castle and MXC, and then film the same thing with fat white people.


  2. Great show, my wife and I watched last night laughing our asses off! I couldn't think of two more sarcastic guys to do the commentary. Fantastic pairing!

  3. About the only thing missing were appearances from Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal.

    Henson and Anderson were hilarious in commentary though.