Friday, June 6, 2008

Heave the Hawk

Oh my god Ken "Hawk" Harrelson is the worst play by play announcer in the history of Major League Baseball. At least Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver are color guys, so you dont have to listen to them talk for three fucking hours. I can barely watch the Twins game right now because they are using the stupidity of the decade broadcast rather than Dick and Bert from the Twins.

I dont know whether its because he refers to the White Sox as "We" and the away team as "Them" (something that no other broadcaster does), his constant referral of the Sox by their first name and the away team by their last name, or if its his repetoir of tired mannerisms like "he gone" and "you can put it on the booooooooaaaaarrrrrddd, YES!"

He just bothers the living fuck out of me, and dont say its because Im a Twins fan - I would hate him more if it was my home town broadcast team.

Go to Heave the Hawk and see that I am not the only one.


  1. I can definitely see how jarring he would be for newcomers. Since I've been listening to the Sox since Hawk's first stint announcing, so I'm probably used to it.

    He does come from an era where there were "homers" calling for the team. He was one of the first to actually praise good plays from the other team. I'd rather listen to him any day than Harry Caray. Yes, I know he was announcing for the Sox before the Cubs. It doesn't make me like to listen to him any more.

    But bottom line... Hawk is annoying.

  2. Have you ever heard John Sterling broadcast a Yankees game? I was listening yesterday and he made this call: "It is high it is far it is gone!!!, no wait it's foul." There's also the famous "It is high, it is far it is gone!!, no wait they're saying he caught it". As if the umpires suddenly changed their minds. I've heard Hawk a couple times and he was annoying but at least he made the correct call.


  3. Is he still working with Tom Paciorek? Of the two, I always thought Paciorek was the more annoying of the two.

    I miss Scooter and Bill White announcing for the Yankees...

  4. Amen to the previous comments. Hawk and John Sterling are by far the two most annoying pieces of shit on TV/radio.

    On the other hand, Ted Lietner for the Padres is a dandy to listen to. He's very under the radar, but does a wonderful job of keeping it straight and entertaining.

  5. I don't know who announces for the Royals, but that was the first time I ever turned off a game. It was the only station I could pick up and it was better to drive in silence for an hour that listen to those guys put me to sleep and mispronounce almost every players name.

  6. The royals TV people arent much better either! They talked for 30 minutes about someone being a 5 tool player one time, and 99% of what they said was uniformed bullshit. Plus they used the phrase "clog the bases" 4 times. I muted them as soon as I heard it. Some people are idiots when it comes to baseball.

  7. Heave the Hawk is one of the best sites out there. I am a Sox fan too and hate that fucking loser. He is a disgrace.