Friday, June 13, 2008

Chipper Jones Injured

The MLB leader in batting average found one of the funnier ways to hurt himself today, during BP before tonight's Angels/Braves tilt he hit a ball straight up which bounced off the top of the cage and hit him in the eye. Official report Here .

He's being taken for X-rays and we'll know more later.

It's actually not that funny after all, I saw the footage and it looks nasty. I honestly hope he's OK, since he's hitting .414, and it's been an AWFUL long time since anyone flirted with .400. Can you imagine the special inserts that the big two would come up with if he did manage the rare feat? Topps would probably do a 400+ card set featuring every one of his at-bats, complete with a gold, silver and 1/1 platinum parallel set.


  1. Don't give them any ideas. You know they read this blog.

  2. Yeah, seconded.

    I could imagine 400 cards, one for each BAVG point. UGH...

  3. Bring on the Chippers! one for each homer, one for each batting average point and one for each goofy-ass injury that puts him on the DL!