Friday, June 13, 2008

Box Break: 2007 Leaf Limited FB

I came home today to find a little present on my doorstep from a guy I did some freelance work for. That's always a nice feeling, especially when I found out he had sent a box of Leaf Limited for me!

Anyways, here are the goods:


I was begging, as you see in the YouTube video of the break, that I wouldnt pull one of these pieces of crap. Well I did, and it was a redemption no less. Being that it is Tank Tyler, I would much rather have a HOF jersey or patch instead. So far, not so good.


Next I pulled a Jack Youngblood jersey card numbered to 50 that wasnt too bad. The problem is that it scans like a bitch. So, its not really a blank card - thats my scanner. If I was going to get a jersey of someone, I would have liked a Viking, but hey, he's a HOFer so thats cool.

Photobucket RC Patch Auto. But, at least its a HOFer with a really nice auto. I know there are some Redskins guys out there so maybe they would trade for a Cris Carter auto or something. Drop me an email if you are interested. Despite his team, this card is a really well put together card. I love the Monikers set this year and these types stand out in the long run. Ive seen the Montana and the Favre and they are both some of the nicest for the year. These remind me why Limited was my favorite Mid End product this year.

I also pulled an Eric Weddle base RC out of 20 and a David Irons out of 399, so over all it kind of went as expected. Its a free box so I wont complain, but it would have been nice if my scrub was at least in my hands. Tsk, tsk DLP.

LOOKING FOR IN TRADE: Cris Carter, Adrian Peterson, Fran Tarkenton, Sidney Rice

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