Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cardboard Goes...Hollywood?

Well, I just saw the preview for the new movie "Dimished Capacity" which is about a man and his crazy uncle finding a ridiculously expensive card in their attic. The card is very representative of the T206 Wagner, and I would expect that the aura of that holy grail is what they were shooting for. Of course, the whole operation is cursed from the beginning, as selling the card seems to be a big fucking problem for both the main characters in the movie.

One of the characters in the preview, Dr Connors from Spider-man, answers "How much are your memories worth?" when asked about the value of cardboard, and to tell you the truth, I think a lot of us feel that way about our cards. Some of us have them for sentimental reasons, others as investments, but all of us have the collections to contain the memories we attach to them. From what I have read, this movie explores the outsider's view of a hobby based around a kid's dream, and also what the insiders have turned into in the process. Personally, I think this movie looks great as Mattew Broderick and Alan Alda seem to work well together in the preview as the outsiders looking in. Virginia Madsen was great in Sideways, and I have a feeling that this movie will take a similar soul searching approach as that movie did.

I think its pretty funny that it has taken this long for a movie about such an old hobby to surface, or maybe I am just missing the boat on some oldies but goodies. Either way, I hope a lot of people take the true value of hobby from this movie - that cardboard really isnt worth anything but what we as collectors put into it. Its not about making money, steals on eBay, or even pulling that 1/1 from a box you bought, its about having fun collecting things you love. Most of the manufacturers and other gurus of the hobby *cough* Beckett *cough* have lost sight of the kid in many of us, mainly resulting in a souless hobby full of cards that are only designed to seem valuable. If I catch the drift of what I have heard about this movie, I think I will be pleasantly suprised by my own reaction to a movie about the hobby I have invested so much time, money, and energy into.

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  1. A better movie would be this:

    A mild mannered young man working at a hobby shop. One day a child comes in wanting to trade his grandfather's old collection of T206's for a box of Pokemon cards. The young man, knowing he is basically butt raping the child, is forced to accept the trade by his manager.

    Ridden with horrible guilt he dons a purple costume and roams the city and internet, seeking vengeance on those who pray on the innocent and stupid.

    It's not Superman. It's not Batman. It's Gellman.