Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Review: 2008 Playoff Prestige

Well, our first licensed product of the 2008 season is here. Too bad its Playoff Prestige, which is basically the rookies in their college jerseys with their drafted team helmets below. I like this more than UD Draft which doesn’t display any of the NFL stuff we are craving, and focuses more on being UD Press Poop. Prestige does have a few redeeming factors which I will talk about below, but overall, its pretty much your standard pre-rookie premiere set.

The Good

In Prestige they took a page out of Leaf Rookies and Stars and brought back the signed manufactured patch cards which I think give this set a lot of credibility. The cards look great and make up for the fact that none of these players are listed or pictured in NFL gear. They have collegiate patch autos too, which are just as nice as last year, and overall, I think these are the highlight of the product.


Another good thing is the inclusion of the 2007 RCs on 2007 prestige cards IN THEIR NFL UNIs. I don’t know why, but I like the designs with the actual game pics. Some of the cards have jersey and patches on them, which ill get to in a sec. Either way, these cards are nice and the photography is great. As you can probably tell, I think a rookie without an NFL jersey is like a sitcom with no laughs, so its nice to have these cards to see what they would have looked like last year if the card companies had actually been patient enough to release a nice product.

The Bad

The card designs for some of the jersey/patch subsets are so bad that I don’t want to pull any of them. The swatch is WIDE RIGHT and it leaves way too much open space. Im guessing there is supposed to be room for an auto, but I havent seen many pop up on the world's greatest market place quite yet. They include both vet and RCs in these, college jerseys for the rooks I would guess, and it doesn’t make one bit of difference. These subsets bring the whole product down. At 4 hits/box you are definitely going to get some of these, and trust me, you will want to claw out your eyes as soon as you see.


The Ugly

Even though the cards above are the ugly ones, this space is reserved for one issue that plagues this set more than ugly cards. Based on some seller question research I have found out that all the jersey swatches included from the 2007 class are still EVENT FUCKING USED jersey cards from the 2007 premiere. Are you fucking kidding me? How many fucking jerseys did they wear? 500? Oh my lord get some game used stuff in these cards. Its only been a year for god's sake!

Overall grade B- (BRING ON CLASSICS!)

NOTE: How fucking hard is it to get the pictures taken AT THE DRAFT and put those on the cards. I would rather have a card like that than ANOTHER product with college jerseys.

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