Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Convict of Interest

I was just looking over some things on eBay and I saw that Beckett has their own eBay store on the site. On the site they sell a lot of things, including graded cards. Because BGS is such a trusted source for grading, I dont think anyone would really question the cards that are up for sale - unless you consider who is the seller.

BGS 9.5s and 10s carry such a premium that it would be quite easy just to throw up a few cards with 9.5s and not worry about the actual grades the card deserves. Sure makes Beckett and the card owner some more money, plus no one will ever question it after it leaves the auction block. A few months ago I would have thought that integrity of BGS would prevent this from happening - but Beckett's integrity has been greatly questioned as of late.

Hmm, more on this later...

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