Monday, May 12, 2008

Sweet Spot Changes: Dance With the Girl That Brung Ya.

Memo to the Sweet Spot and Sweet Shot producers and designers. I don’t know what your vision of this product is, but to me, the only reason to buy this product at first was for the innovative baseball leather signatures for baseball, pigskin leather signatures for football, and spalding leather for basketball. In fact, it was so innovative that it was copied by a few different companies including Topps and Fleer(not upper deck at the time). What this means is DON’T FUCK WITH SOMETHING THAT ROCKS. I just saw a "Top Secret" screen shot of what Upper Deck was planning for 08 Sweet Spot and to tell you the truth, I am not impressed. Let me go over a few important points with you:

1) I liked the switching to the tin. Those leather cards were too easy to search, no matter how thick the dummy was.
2) Im okay with the helmet sigs for football, but the primary focus should be the leather
3) I HATED having different colored stitching for baseball last year. It was the worst idea ever in the history of redesigns. I don’t want a gold laced baseball - they never use those. If you want to parallel the shit out of something (which I know you do), switch the ink color, not the stitch color.

Crap by any other name is still crap.

4) Go back to the jumbo jersey swatches and patches. This bullshit with the tiny jersey windows is awful.
5) The duals suck. Most of the time both players cannot fit both their sigs on the card.
6) Keep the changes to a minimum unless you have some ground breaking innovation. Enough with coming up with crap like "Signature Glass" or "Signature Kicks."

That’s all I have to say about that.

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