Thursday, May 15, 2008

Money Shot: 2008 Bowman


I just wanted to say how stunned I have been by the sheer awesomeness of 08 Bowman Baseball. It is seriously one of the sickest designs I have ever encountered for a Bowman set. Card companies should take notice of how great this set is put together - even if I am shocked by the unflinching stupidity of inserting scout autos.

Also, when it comes to parallelling the shit out of something, Bowman products are the mack fucking daddy. I acutally accept their 15 parallels in the set only because there really isnt much more and they look fucking spank as hell. Great price point, great cards, STACKED autos that hold their value, where do I sign the credit card slip?

I have a small prospect-wang and I still want to blow a few hundo on some boxes of this awesome shit.

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