Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Look: 2008 UD Ballpark Collection and 2008 UD X Baseball


Here we have two new products from the Evil Empire and I am only interested in one - only because the set they are releasing is already out in a better form. Ballpark Collection Baseball looks like Premier Baseball II, in terms of set construction, box break, and what it offers. It will be a high end tin or pack, and should have some nice stuff, yet Premier still looks more interesting to me. The most interesting thing above is that the Griffey logo is /5, which is crazy go nuts for people that have never pulled one, and shitty for collectors who dont think the hobby needs more logo cards. Also, in this set we have our first baseball cards with laundry tags and jersey button cards since 2005 and I think it will be quite a chase for some. Obviously, they will cut up more pieces of history, so look for the standard HOFer legends too.


X Baseball is a snoozefest, and I think it screams elements from last year. Basically you get two autos and two of 200 different foil cards that are parallelled to shit. Ill pass.

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