Monday, May 19, 2008

Charlie Bucket 2008


Ever dream of creating your own Exquisite Basketball Box? Yeah, me too. The problem is I dont have $8,000 to burn. Right now I could flop down the money that I could use to pay off the rest of my car and buy this card on eBay. You get to fly to Dallas, have lunch with UD execs, and have 5 minutes to create your own box. Now, it has already been said that you have to follow collation rules, meaning you cant put 7 logomen in your box and call it a day.

My response?

How about we follow the collation rules that you used for Beckett's two boxes of Football? The reaction would be worth the trip alone.

The first one of these went for 5 grand and change(I believe) to that one guy who busts case after case of high end stuff like it was Topps Total. You know what? He deserves it. I cringed watching those videos as he broke case after case, and I hope he gets the Durant Logo or the Jordan Logo for his trouble.

As for UD, well you guys know how I feel already.

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