Friday, April 25, 2008

Back in Black!

Well, its been a long fucking week, ill say that much. It was truly tough to say goodbye to someone you have looked up to your whole life, but it was also nice to see everyone and have a good time. I think it was Lyle Lovett who said something to the tune of how he went to a funeral and had a great time because he got to see everyone he hadn’t seen since the last time somebody died.

Either way, a lot has gone on since the last time I came on. First, Jake Long is the #1 pick, and I actually think that may work out for Miami. I still think you go for the Defensive anchor in Gholston or Long, but you gotta have some bun to protect your meat at QB. Also, in Minnesota homer related news, the Vikes got Jared Allen for 3 picks – BRAVO! I love this deal because there is no reason to take a risk on some unproven guy when you can have the top in the league. Its like having a 68 Ferrari that you COULD restore into the sweetest fucking car ever, or just using the money to get the 68 Ferrari without all the building and polishing. The only problem is he likes the booze. Eh, could be worse – looking at you Adam Jones. Why Jerry Jones took a chance on this DOUCHEBAG, I will never know.

The other thing that happened was the release of UD draft, which is just Press Poop with a UD logo on it. Why god, why would you release this set pre draft? I know there are people who collect college cards but I am fucking sick of seeing this crap. I want my players AT LEAST with the name of the team they were drafted by. Topps DP and P provides that at a minimum. I guess UD wanted to cash in on all the pre-draft “super hype” (or as I call it, buying crap cards to hold you over until something real comes out) by putting out a set to compete with the topps gig. The only thing they forgot is that after DLP’s first licensed set comes out, this stuff will be forgotten.

This card looks worse than this guy's dad's haircut

Funny enough, I stopped in at the UD store in Huntington Beach on my way back from the funeral. The store was nice looking, but I would never pay 120 bucks for Sweet Spot anything. I felt dirty going in there, but felt I needed to check out the new product. After seeing their displays for the above mentioned junk, I will be continuing my ban on all UD products without batting an eye. Not only does UD Draft looked rushed and lacking in meaty goodness, but the cards look awful. If you take out the fact that there is not one single mention of NFL teams, it would still be junk. Spend your money elsewhere. Only 3 months until DLP Classics – patience grasshopper!

My grade: C-


  1. Just discovered this site off of your You Tube video, which is getting hype on Good stuff, I look forward to following your blogs.

    Jason Schleicher
    Mt. Laurel NJ

  2. Thanks for checking out the site - both the tube and this one.