Monday, March 31, 2008

My only religious holiday: OPENING DAY!

Its here! Its here! Thank the lord! Too bad this opening day has become a slosh of opening delays. Either way, I am f*ing pumped to see the new Twins in action (during the only period of the year I am happy we have a dome). This almighty pump-ed-ness will, with out a doubt, wear off within a half an inning as Livan Hernandez gives up a five spot to the wicked Angels lineup. (UPDATE: TWINS WIN?!?)

Joe and Justin celebrate making it through spring training with no injuries - SCORE!


Last friday, amongst the pickle that UD football had gotten themselves into, UD baseball debuted their version of Premier for 2008.


This year we get the normal patch and jersey subsets with some new autos and fake patches. The designs for the relic cards are a step up from last year, but when you add the auto to the already busy patch and jersey card, it looks like the player has it tatooed on his face most of the time. See below (Lets play "Where's Waldo - Autograph Version") :


The MLB logos are new, and I like the cards - a lot. Buuuuuutttttt, there are no autos, something Ive yearned for on an MLB logo card ever since the logo cards of all logo cards in Ultimate 2006. CMON UPPER DECK - PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES!!

Lastly, we have the omnious "PREMIER CARD", where there is an auto side and a memorabilia side. Each features three players, but honestly, I couldnt care less unless those players are Pujols, Ripkien, and Jeter. The card looks okay, but it is just overkill in my opinion. I guess they havent learned their lessons with the duals out of exquisite being worth nothing, and the duals out of premier last year being worth nothing..... you get my point.

As with most UD overpriced crap, I will only be buying singles to avoid giving UD my money, and to avoid the $270+ price tag. Yeesh, and I thought Black was overpriced!

My grade: B-

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