Monday, August 2, 2010

The National Card Show: Things Are Coming Together Nicely

With the National Card Show right around the corner, things are starting to take shape, and in some cases, are already being set up. Blowout cards posted pictures on their forums of the set up of the massive booth at the show, and from the looks of it, things should be as great as they were last year over in Blowout Land. I have said before that going to shows these days is pretty much worthless (unless you are a VERY certain type of collector), due to the prices, but I assume that Blowout's normal low prices will follow them to the show. That's a great reason to avoid other booths that have similar prices, but not the same reputation.

Also, Topps is promoting a meet and greet with their execs at the show, an event that I think has good interests at heart, but wont give people the results they are looking for. I would definitely encourage people to go and check it out if they are there, but I think its too little to late from a company that has everything to prove when it comes to their non-standard products.

If I were attending, my focus would be explaining how Topps low end products are amazing, but their higher end stuff is fucking terrible. I want to see why they can hit it out of the park with boxes that cost 50 bucks, but when you get up into the products that cost in the hundreds of dollars, I would rather feed my money to a hungry Elephant. I mean, the end result of my money would be much more entertaining and worthwhile if you catch my drift.

My feelings on some of Topps' products are very well known, and I have a feeling that there is a growing contingent of collectors that feel the exact same way. I would say this is especially true after the epic fail that was Topps Tribute baseball. I would be interested to see what, if any, results come out of this discussion, even though most of the people who will be there would probably squeal with delight at the opportunity to buy more Triple Threads and Sterling. So, due to that fact, if one of the readers out there, who shares my disdain for those types of Topps products, goes to this discussion, let me know what happens.

Also, Upper Deck, Panini and Topps have announced their wrapper redemptions, and so far they look very similar to what was given away last year. Upper Deck is doing something unusual by giving out different packs on each day of the show, a tactic that seems to be very well conceived at a show like the national is. Topps' booth will most likely be mobbed with people wanting to get the numbered Strasburg heritage SP, and I would advise those of you going to get there as quickly as possible to get one. Panini has a bunch of different cards to hand out, and most likely will have the most autographs as well. They will be bringing back the wheel of fortune, as well as the signed 8x10s, so do not pass them by if you are there. We also got a preview of what 2010 Certified will be as a result of them displaying their giveaways, and I must say, it looks absolutely horrid. Hopefully this is just a national exclusive thing, but from the looks of it, Certified is going to be one UGLY set this year.

Ill keep you updated as things progress, be sure to check back throughout the week.

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