Thursday, August 5, 2010

The National Card Show: Day 1 Reports and News

The National delivered a few surprises yesterday, as expected. Unfortunately, most of the suprises were underwhelming at best, and yet were blown up like it was an earth shattering annoucement. Thus is the nature of the almighty NSCC, I guess, so here are some recaps about what was happening in Baltimore for opening night.

I think the biggest "news" was the annoucement that Brian Gray has bought all non-baseball brands from Razor, and then resurrected the Leaf brand in the place that was then left empty. This was basically a complicated, yet uncomplicated name change, and people are extremely excited over absolutely nothing. Leaf has been a property of DLP for the last however many years, and even then, it was kind of "meh." True, Leaf is back as a separate entity, but I don’t see why that is such a huge deal. I think the bigger deal will turn out to be the first MMA set they are releasing and the partnership with Muhammad Ali to release sets under his company name. But, as with any products under a newer company, the final product will be the judge, jury and executioner.

We also saw that Topps looks to be planning a huge celebration for their 60th anniversary of their brand, and if the 50th anniversary is any indication, it should be significant in their entire 2011 line. Im guessing we will have all sorts of retro stuff and throwback sets, but unlike the 50th, the emergence of products from the Topps high end stash will probably destroy any hope of a cool end to the party.

Speaking of Topps, the Strasburg redemption looks to be as popular as everyone thought it would be, even prompting DA Cardworld to offer 80 bucks on the spot for someone looking to sell. I personally think that is way too low to even consider, but its funny that there is an offer like that from a place like DA. Regardless, there have been a few reports of how off center the cards were, so Im guessing BGS is just going to have to put all of them at a 9.5 instead of a 10, right?

In the Game also announced that it was going to be releasing a baseball prospect and heroes product, but as with all of their stuff, it will be unlicensed. Oddly, one of the cards looks identical to 2008 Sweet Spot Baseball, so im not sure how that got through. Heyward and a few others will be signing for the product, and if their popularity in hockey holds true to this product, it could do okay.

As for the show itself, it seems like prices are absolutely ridiculous, as most shows are. Jeremy sent me an email from the floor with all sorts of funny asking prices for cards priced according to Book Value. My favorite was the guy who was selling all sorts of high end autos and was asking more than 250 dollars over ebay selling price. That is waaaaay too much of a mark up, even for a show like this.

Lastly, I have already gotten five or so emails from readers trolling the floor and seeing all sorts of fake patches and fake autos. This is one of the main reasons I have decided to avoid shows in general, mainly because I have gotten the idea that the sellers at the shows will do whatever it takes to make money. This includes defrauding people with cards they obviously know arent real.

Also, if you have further stuff from the show you want to report, let me know at the email above, I am always up for a good national card show story.


  1. You have to really shop around for the deals, but they are there to be had. I bought a nice card 20 mins after the show opened for $60, and haven't seen it for sale for less than $200 since. It's /25, but there are at least 4 of them at the show.

    I'm going to sell my Strasburg for $80 to DA today. eBay is becoming flooded with them, and the only auction that's finished closed at $104. $80 more dollars to blow at the show is alright by me.

  2. If most/all of the Strasburg cards are off center, watch the grading companies decide to throw centering out the window & make them tens anyway.

  3. I don't understand how Brian Gray can "buy" brands from Razor when he's the owner of Razor ... that's like me saying that I'm buying my own car from me. Sounds to me like he bought the Leaf name from Panini and decided to rename his company Leaf to give it more gravitas.