Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking at 2010 Famous Fabrics and the Stephen Strasburg 1/1 Hat Logo

To me, Famous Fabrics is completely out of left field. No player pictures, no team names, no license, nothing. I think it stands for everything that is wrong with cards today, focusing more on the relics and the memorabilia parts of a card than the design of the card itelf. Honestly, its a little different in this situation because the cards are forced into this predicament, so they are obviously making due with what they have.

One way to do that is to include as much Stephen Strasburg stuff into the product as possible, and lucky for them, a card like the 1/1 Stephen Strasburg hat logo that just showed up on eBay is garnering all sorts of attention. The seller is asking the price of mid size used Honda, but im not sure he is going to get what he is looking for because of the card's shortcomings. Without an autograph or a picture, the card doesnt have the appeal that a lot of the other Strasburgs have, but it will definitely get a lot of money. Its also unfortunate that its a USA hat and not a Nationals or MiLB hat, but again, that would be very tough to get if you arent Topps.

Outside of the Strasburg, there is little that this set offers to an autograph collector like me, and I think thats pretty apparent. At least in my opinion, unless you are that focused of a player collector or relic collector, you probably feel the same way.

Here is what I mean:

Jose Canseco 1/1 Logo

Quad Jersey 1/1 w/ Pujols

LeBron James Patch 1/1

Michael Jordan Patch 1/1

Wilt Chamberlain Patch 1/1

Alex Rodriguez Letter Patch 1/1

As you can see, the cards are "meh" without the licensing, but people still find them appealing because of the patches inside them. I would never consider even thinking about buying any of these cards, but obviously there is enough people that do like them. I guess that says a lot about what people value in the cards they buy.


  1. I don't really know why anyone would spend money on these types of cards. Has the hobby really been redirected to caring about the item on the card rather than the image of the person the card is representing.

    Pretty soon the hit of a box will be 2 pieces of jersey material sewn together with a blank piece of cardboard in the middle and we can just guess who it is. Better yet, how about a scratch-n-sniff card, that way we can really be close to the sweaty action.

  2. They could easily have used images and removed the logos and some of the cards might have come out looking decent. RGut is right, just toss a fabric piece in the box and call it good.

  3. Almost as goofy as the napkin cut signature idea I thought of..

  4. I am not a fan of any cards that coem slabbed, it really detracts from the card in my opinion. At least they aren't graded.