Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Topps Is Live, Reports Are Still Early

Topps is live on eBay, even though many of the cards are base offerings from the retail version of the product. However, this Sam Bradford auto/jersey just showed up on ebay, and it looks to be of the hobby variety. So far, I think that the "Peak Performance" autos look pretty good for a low end subset, and I will definitely appreciate them much more than the "Career Best" ones for rookies that have yet to play an NFL snap.

On a related note, the Bradford seems to evidence something that Panini has failed on with just about every try. With this card, it looks like Topps started with the base card, added the auto, then added the swatch while continuously adjusting the design to incoporate them. It may not be perfect, but its better than the ridiculous cards that represent the alternative. Panini, on the other hand, starts with the jersey auto parallel and just subtracts each piece until they have a base card. The result is a hideous floating swatch card like this or this, where it looks like someone forgot to apply the sticker.

Once the first Red Zone and Rookie Premiere auto shows up, ill post them below, should be sometime later today. Keep checking back.

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