Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Updating Photobucket Can Be a Chore

When it comes to displaying your collection online, services like Photobucket are the way to go. They have easy ways of uploading mass amounts of information and toolbars for transferring those images to blogs, emails and message boards. The problem is, its up to the users to update them as they buy, trade and sell their cards.

If you are like me, and do not do much online trading, keeping your photobucket up to date is almost a chore not worth doing. Its been literally months since I have even visited my personal photobucket, and close to a year since I have updated it. Since it has been so long, I figured it was time to start fresh, and that is why I have been recently taking the time to reorganize it.

Because I rarely collect and buy anything I don’t intend to keep, this photobucket shouldn’t need much upkeep over the next years of my collecting career. Hopefully that should help with things that I don’t normally have time to do. Yet, as I add and subtract cards from my collection, maybe this new streamlined page will have a much easier process to begin with.

I still have five or six Peterson autographs I need to scan, including my SPA patch auto and a few other new ones, so that will be up later today. The Mauer portion is pretty much up to date, minus the autographed game model bat I have. Hopefully I can get the rest of my stuff scanned and posted by tonight.

Without further adieu, here is where you can check it out.

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