Sunday, July 11, 2010

Strasburg Still Blowing It Up In Ginter, Just Not As Much

Remember those first Strasburg minis that popped up on eBay? They sold for ridiculous prices just like every other gift from Topps' epic Stras-mas haul. Among reports that the minis were ridiculously short printed and may not even be a part of the main set, prices went wild. Of course, once people started pulling them a little more frequently, prices dropped dramatically, but still remain high for some reason.

They are obviously short printed, but not to the point that would normally lead to prices as astronomical as they are. Strasburg is Strasburg however, and despite performances that really havent really blown people away more or less than Lincecum did in his rookie year, his cards are like napalm in the morning.

Then, when you see the price that the autos are selling for, you begin to question what people actually see in buying cards at these prices. Even if my favorite player had rookie cards that cost this much, ones that weren't more special than any other rookie cards, I would still be saying the same thing about people who think that spending thousands on these autos is a good idea. Its just crazy.

Check out some of these prices:

Strasburg Base Mini - This is one of the originals. Note the price.

Strasburg Base Mini - Here is one that sold recently via auction. Note this price too. Funny what message board comments are capable of at the beginning.

Strasburg Auto Redemption - Really? Seriously? That much? Think of the other STRAS items this person could buy. He doesnt even know what these cards look like yet!

Listen, dont get me wrong, I see why Stras is popular. However, Ginter is a product that is meant for people who dont really spend thousands the way these cards dictate. The popularity of Ginter is widespread but it is usually a result of set collectors trying to build sets rather than high end collectors buying autos. Just an interesting situation that I STILL do not understand.


  1. George Carlin once said that having an addiction to cocaine was God's way of telling you that you had too much money. Paying these kinds of prices for baseball cards must be another.

  2. can't believe anyone is still having Strausgasms! 7 starts (and 5 at home!) with a 3-2 record and 2.32 ERA. Best things going for him are the sub-2.5 ERA and 61K in 42.2 IP. He no longer leads the sports reports and his probable starts are rarely mentioned. I find myself having to go to to find out his probable start so I can watch him on MLB.TV. He's not even crashing the MLB.TV servers anymore like his first couple outings or so.