Thursday, July 29, 2010

The National Card Show Is Going To Be A Lot Douchier Thanks to Ufjumper7

I just got an interesting email in my box from Zach, a guy who unfortunately purchased the extremely fake Pujols Topps patch (confirmed fake by Topps) from Ufjumper a week or two ago. After getting emails from a number of eBay users talking about the fakes that this douche sells on a normal basis, he started doing some research and found the original card that was faked - #4/20. He also found this site and wanted me to let you all know about his experience.

He confronted the guy and asked for a refund. Despite the fact that Ufjumper buys and cuts up the jerseys he gets through the one account he has, he claimed to have bought it at a show. Right, of course he did.

Thats not the interesting part, though. Despite the fact that he offered a refund on the sale, he mentioned that he was going to be going to the national with the intentions of flipping the card. This is after he was presented with the proof it was fake. Love the gall of this ass hat.

So, if you are at the National and see this guy, be sure to let everyone know to stay away from his plethora of fakes. Hopefully he can set up right next to Kevin Burge and the two can have a fake fest for everyone to partake in. How funny would that be?


  1. What makes this sort of behavior even more tragic is that these fakers are taking some legitimately low-numbered cards out of the market for some player collectors regardless of how plain the original patch was.

  2. Do we have a picture of him to display?