Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crowning Ufjumper7 With the Kevin Burge Award for Acheivements in Douchebaggery

Ufjumper7 is the type of guy who has a poster of Kevin Burge above his patch faking workbench for inspiration. Its like he wants to see how dumb people truly are, and that is despite the hundreds of emails that he probably gets each time he posts an auction. Because his stuff sells, and because there is always a sucker out there who doesn’t check the name or the past auctions before bidding or buying.

I have made it a point to rail on this guy because its so obvious what he is trying to do. I mean, look at the auctions now, as he has taken to covering up all serial numbers with price stickers to avoid people checking on the cards. That’s how bad it has gotten.

He seemingly had a 4th of July blowout sale with some hilarious cards, and I think it needs to be seen by all. Not just for the patches, but for the laughs.

Chris Johnson Bowman Sterling Patch Auto- I love this one because the patch window is so small that he didn’t even have enough room to put in a logo patch. Titans logos are some of the most faked ones around, and this one is just "real" enough for the idiots to bite on it.

Chin Ming Wang Yankee Stadium Logo Patch- He must have pulled this card as a one or two color like all Yankees cards and has tried to make it real enough for someone to pay the price of the box. Still hilariously funny when you see that he actually bought the patch with the same account earlier this year.

Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners Patch - Same situation as above, though just as obvious. Again, purchased patch from a different auction and didn’t really do much to cover his tracks.

Beanie Wells Cardinal Logo Patch- Not even the right shade of red, but it didn’t matter to the person who dropped 2 bills on this fraud. Nice.

Kobe Bryant Exquisite Letter Patch Auto - I cant believe the Kobe fans out there fell for this one. It sold for a ton, and its blatantly obvious that it isnt real. Too bad for the guy who spent close to a grand on it.

Michael Jordan Reprint Rookie- This one is labeled as "real" and that’s why I love it. No one fell for it and it sold for .99 cents despite his deceptive title. You would think some idiot out there would still buy it for 20 bucks or something and put it into a 4 inch screwdown.

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo SPA Gold- Ive showcased this card recently, just note what it sold for. I want everyone to see that. Holy shit.

I think I may just check in on his account weekly just to brighten my Monday mornings. This is too much fun and too easy to stop the barrage now. I know he has gotten at least 50 emails just from readers of this site who have started sending him questions on all his auctions. Keep up the good work people.

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  1. What really gets me is that it seems that eBay, PayPal, "the system", etc., actually protects guys like this from being "unfairly" labeled scammers and cocksuckers.

    Even as counterfeited material gets altered and sold by this guy every day, if he gets an eBay feedback comment of something like "lying castrated dirtbag sheep masturbator", he conceivably could sue for wrongfully disparaging him and his business "without proof".