Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ufjumper7 Has Continued His Assault On SPA Redemptions

I have been talking about Ufjumper7 for a long time now. The guy has single-handedly destroyed a portion of 2009 SPA like no other seller has done in a long time. Because of Upper Deck's troubles, as well as rumors of athletes not signing for redemptions, he was able to pick up tons of Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin and Beanie Wells for chump change, all with the intentions of exploiting people. The funny part is how stupid some people are for believing his stuff is real.

Here are his recent auctions to avoid:

Percy Harvin Viking Head Logo /25 - Not only did he destroy a Harvin card with a ridiculous fake logo, but he ruined a gold version that usually sells for around 200. This is his second logo that he has sold, and no one seems to notice. What a douche.

Percy Harvin 3 Color - Harvin didnt get a lot of three colors in SPA, but Ufjumper has gotten them time after time, right? Sure, if you like patches off the replithentic jerseys he bought for 3 bucks.

Percy Harvin 3 Color - See above, these are terrible.

Kenny Britt 3 Color - Kenny Britt also has a 3 color shortage, and when they are three colors, I dont think this is the jersey he wore at the premiere even. Not that this ass hat would even care, but just saying. Stay away.

Here are two others from before, there will defintely be more, he bought a ton of these.

Percy Harvin Vikings Chest Logo - Not even a question this isnt real. I still cannot believe people dont see who this guy really is. Im wondering how long it will be before he changes his name.

Percy Harvin 3 Color - Funny how many of these 3 colors he was "lucky" enough to get. These hit so early after release that no one knew to question him. Again with replithentic patches.

Ufjumper7 needs to be on everyone's list, even you hockey collectors. Most of the time, his fakes are easy to recognize, but every once in a while, he pulls one over on a few unsuspecting people. Ill keep you posted if he pulls any other shit.


  1. At the risk of sounding like an internet tough guy, I'd love to get my hands on this piece of shit. I wish there was some way this cocksmoker could wind up in jail and take it in the can for a couple years.

  2. The worst part is that he is destroying really good cards to fake em up. It's a shame.

  3. If this dude spent half as much time with his job (if he has one) as he does trying to fool people with these fakes, he wouldn't need to cheat people to make a living.

  4. sad thing is that chest logo could be real. I have seen 2 pulled in box breaks. One being the other side of that pulled on scf


  5. wheeler,

    Help me understand on what card you saw a Vikings chest logo pulled in a box break. The Harvin was 100% redemption. Was it a Booty from last year? Or a different product all together? Just curious as I would want to stay away from any board member who said they pulled a Harvin SPA from a box and it wasn't a redemption.