Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strasburg Eerily Absent From Recent Ginter Box Breaks

Do you remember back a few weeks ago when Topps advised that every product will bring Strasmus tidings to all the good young collectors who bought the boxes and packs? I do, and I then remember when the people who usually buy a ton, bought that much more as a result. Well, as we are slowly finding out, promises of Strasburg in Allen and Ginter may have been quite highly exaggerated.

So far, there are a lot of early reports that cases have not only gone Strasburg-less - but also have been missing case hits themselves as well. This is even more evident when people who buy huge amounts of products are reporting box after box, case after case, filled with everything but a whiff of a Strasburg.

Considering that the price of this product has been driven very high by promises of the Nationals' Fireballer, there are going to be a lot of unhappy set collectors who are now left with boxes worth a lot less than they paid for them.

Im sure Topps will release an explanation through the usual channels, Ill post updates as soon as I have them.


  1. Actually, the case breakers will be unhappy with the one in a thousand box ratio for Strasburg. Set collectors will be unhappy that the price got jacked up to the moon by the case breakers looking for a Strasburg.

  2. Topps' twitter announces that they are, in fact, short printed minis. And man, whoever runs their twitter was getting pretty chippy earlier in the day. Needs some PR lessons, methinks.

  3. Good to know this before I buy any A&G... esp. with the prices being so high.