Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fake Patches Still Make Me Laugh

I love these types of cards, even going so far as saying that I am a connoisseur of fine fake patches. Today, as I woke up to Noah screaming for his bottle, I checked my email to find this godlike example of a incredible and beautiful fake patch. Really, this card has circulated around ebay so many times, I just laugh at every person who buys it. I know its fake because the Vikings had no logos that size on the jerseys that Peterson wore at the 2007 Rookie Premiere, and yet no one is smart enough to do their homework.

This Peterson isnt the only one on eBay right now that features a patch of this fake quality, and yet, so many people continue to bid and bid thinking, "OMG I MUST HAVEZ THIS MOJOZ!" As I have said a million times, if you take 10 minutes to cover your own ass, 90% of the time you are going to have an answer on the patch authenticity. For the other 10% of the time, it may not be 100% clear, but it may give you enough information to decide whether to walk away. Personally, I dont buy a patch card unless I am truly sure if its real, as its just not worth me having a question about the card for the entire time I own it.

Check these out:

LeSean McCoy NT Logo Patch /99 - This card is one of the base patches, and from what I have observed this would be the first real chest logo in the base parallel. All of the real logo patches are in the gold set /25. A great way to approach it, especially because of how many questions it helps to answer.

Tom Seaver Mets Logo Patch - The Ultimate Patch set from 2009 Ultimate will eventually be the most faked patch set in the history of patch sets. There are just too many patches that could be real or could be fake. This one is 100% fake. Upper Deck was meticulous in matching the player picture with the patch, and this card doesnt match.

Maurice Jones Drew Limited Logo Patch - This is one of those cards that all people would need to do is look at everything else the seller is selling. Everything on his seller page is listed in a shady way, and he is selling NSA stuff as well. Then you see this type of card listed as a 1/1, but really out of 25, and the picture becomes more clear. Why waste your money or your time?

Tom Brady NFL Logo Patch 4/5 - Not only is this seller's name terrible, but this card is one of a slew of fake patches this guy has. Whenever I see an NFL logo patch numbered higher than 1/1, I start to raise my antennae, then when I also see cards like this one, I immediately write the guy off.

Chad Pennington NFL Logo Patch - Normally I wouldnt care about a Chad Pennington card, but I want to make a point here. Fleer went out of business in 2004 before being purchased by Upper Deck, and a lot of their cards that were in their "vault" flooded the market without patches in the patch window. Obviously, this means that the scammers had the opportunity to make cards like this. Although there are SOME real ones, I wouldnt touch any fleer logo patches from any set that was released around the bankruptcy.

Again, many of these cards can easily be ruled fake by doing your homework, so its pretty easy to protect yourself without much effort. Many people have emailed me looking for help on the patches they find, and I am always happy to help. I also know that everyone on the message boards are willing to help, so dont hesitate to ask for help.

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