Monday, June 21, 2010

Buyer's Remorse? Strasburg Superfractor BACK on eBay

I said before that it was ridiculous that anyone would pay as much as that guy did for the Strasburg superfractor. Who would've guessed that it would take a whole 6 weeks for the Strasburg superfractor to be relisted? Not only is it already climbing fast, but it ends on the same day as the Red Auto 1/1. Obviously the guy who bought it A) is trying to captialize on the publicity, and B) doesnt understand that he is going to get shredded by the red auto.

Oh but wait, it gets better.

Not only is this card for sale at the moment, but IT IS BEING GRADED. Yes, because a card that sold for $16,000 is really going to be bumped THAT much by a subjective process done by a publicity starved company looking to make a buck. I guarantee it gets at least a 9.5 even though it probably is an 8, but that's besides the point. Either way, this reaks of stupid all the way around, and I cant wait to see how it turns out.

On second thought, maybe I should go grade my kid. I think it may accomplish just as much as grading this card. At least that way, if I ever find out he was a twin, I can find out which is in better condition.

Its stuff like this that makes me laugh. Seriously, why buy if you are just going to up and re-sell? Someone doesnt know chocolate cake from Entemann's. Cmon.

Here we are, Penthouse floor. Anyone? No? Going down then.


  1. I suspect that Beckett is paying the original buyer a HEFTY fee to do the article on the card and for the publicity of the auction. I'm sure in the end the original buyer will more than make a profit and he's had his 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Sadly though, I think the grade may end up helping this guy unless it grades less than a 9. With all the publicity at this point, someone is bound to fork out the dough.

  3. Will this be the peak? Smart move by flipping immediately.

  4. That card is an 8.5 centering at best. I'm sure it will receive a 9 centering and 9.5's for corners, edges, and surface.

  5. lol. makes no sense. but i can say, that the dude picked the right time to sell it (besides the fact that the red 1/1 auto ends the same day)

    this kid is on fire. and his cards are going for about 250% more then they are worth. (not including the 1/1's. there just stupid money)

    but if you take a look at all of his cards, there all going way to high. he is a pitcher. lets just remember mark prior, kerry wood. thats all i need to say. oh, and the fact that some of his autos are selling higher then a pujols chrome.....

  6. Textbook cold feet.

    It all seems like a huge publicity stunt for me. I really hate these high profile auction with non-collectors like this.

    Somebody, in the end, will get ripped by all of this and it's gonna be too bad.

    Buyer's beware...I guess.

  7. I think it's smart to try to sell the superfractor ASAP while it may still have a chance of touching $16K or above. I highly doubt no matter how Stasburg's career goes, the seller would never have a chance at $16K in the future after the rookie love affair with strasburg is over.

    I can only think of Tim Lincecum - started off pretty hot (at least in some parts of the country) but now isn't as much dominant as he used to be and I certainly don't get pumped up to watch him on Extra Innings anymore like I used to. I bet Strasburg (even if he continues to be lights out) will just be ho-hum in a few years when people take for granted his pitching abilities rather than see them as special like they do now.

    As for the Red 1/1 auto, it's definitely making history - in my TV market (#44), the auction actually was mentioned on the local sportscast. The superfractor hasn't make the local sportscast in either time that it's been listed.

    I am tending to think the auction will be illegit - $51,000 sounds like fake bid city, but I suppose there is a non-hobbyist out there -- maybe a celeb or wall-streeter -- for who $50K is as disposible and insignificant as the kleenex they used to blow their nose. I'd highly be surprised if any hobbyist is stupid enough to pay $50K+ for that card.