Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Wish I Was This Guy - Strasburg Superfractor

If there was one card that I would say is one of the best pulls of the entire print run of the product, its the Steven Strasburg 1/1 Superfractor. It was pulled and posted on eBay last night, and right now the seller stands to make probably close to the price of a nice car. What is even funnier is that the same case had a base Strasburg auto and a Starlin Castro blue refractor auto among others, so that is pretty fucking crazy.

Even if I had the money, I wouldnt even think of buying this card, especially considering that the picture is so small. With a card like this, I just cant understand why you wouldnt take the time to beef up the auction a little, at least getting a scan of the front and back of the card. Most shops have invested in nice scanners, and libraries have them for free. If I stood to make 10K, I would do everything in my power to make sure I got that money and more.

Even if the pic is tiny, the Red 1/1 sold without a scan, and this IS the time to sell, no doubt, so maybe he will get lucky. That is, if he wants to get lucky.


  1. I think the guy said in his post (I'm assuming you got this from FCB) that he wasn't at home and would update the picture as soon as he got a chance.

    He could use the best picture ever and I still wouldn't buy it - there's no way the value can get any higher... it's like buying Google stock at it's absolute peak - doesn't make sense.

  2. Also, I think with auctions at this level, not much needs to be said about the card to sell it. I mean, the average collector killing time on ebay won't be swayed into making a $10,000 purchase if he'd only set out to spend $10, ya know? It's why we don't see Ferrari commercials on TV.

  3. Even when this card hits its lifetime eventual peak, it will never be close to $20k. That BGS 10 Jordan sold for (only) 10x that, and whether or not shenanigans were involved, Strasburg has a lifetime to try to even equal 1/2 of the lasting popularity, career achievement, and fame of a guy like Jordan. Not. Gonna. Happen.