Friday, May 14, 2010

First Look: 2010 Topps Football - More Images

I just got an email with a bunch of images from 2010 Topps football, and I must say, this could be one of the best looking flagship Topps sets I have seen in a long time. Not only do the Rookie Premiere autographs look like they could be a great looking part of this product, they are finally SERIALLY NUMBERED!!! YES!!

In addition to a new draft focused subset, it also seems like they may do a new on card rookie auto set for this product as well, something that joins the Rookie Premieres in the cool looking designs for this year. All of this makes me feel pretty bad that the Vikings wont have a top rookie this year to collect, because their cards would look great in this design. Oh well, I have already adopted Toby Gerhart as my target, and Im sure I will add others like Eric Decker as the year goes on. Both are scheduled to be at the premiere.

Lastly, this just goes to show you how great low end Topps stuff is. Low end Topps always looks cool, has great structure to the products, and rarely misses the mark when living up to the hype. WHY CANT THEY TRANSFER THAT TO HIGH END?!?

Here are the images, lets hope the final product is as awesome as these look.


  1. That Sam Bradford looks nice. It's strange, but out of all the cards I bought recently, the Topps flagship is not only my favorite, but they are fun to open, too. I think it not only has to do with decent card design (the 2010 design has grown on me) but awesome photography. I'm hoping football is going to be the same experience.

  2. Better stuff than we are accustomed from this product for sure. Kudos on the serial numbering. But my first thought when I saw the Bradford was that it looked very similar to the Ultimate autos from last year. Not a bad thing by the way.

  3. That photoshopped Bradford card looks like he's playing a road game in Arizona with all the sooner red in the background. Looks like some good stuff overall. Can't wait.

  4. The Peterson looks great, the game used cards look good, but the autos look very ordinary, even if they are on card. Voluntarheel is right, the Bradford does look like Ultimate, which is not a good thing - too many swirly lines, though not as bad as Ultimate.