Monday, May 3, 2010

Breaking the Most Important Rule Of Ebay Buying Will Screw You

I have always said that when you are looking at buying a ridiculous patch on eBay, the first place you need to look before bidding or buying is the other auctions the guy has up. If he has lots of questionable items for sale, you need to walk away as fast as possible. For some reason, despite all the years of press on fake patches, people just don’t get that the scammers will do whatever it takes to get money from your pocket to theirs. With the recent advent of using more of the best patches on the jersey for even the highest numbered cards, scammers have seen an opportunity for fakes that was never possible before. One douchebag in particular, **ryder**, took it upon himself to pollute the fake patch gene pool as much as he possibly could. Take a look at some of these auctions and you will see what I mean. Almost every single one of his patches is fake, including some of the most poorly done cards I have ever seen. He is also representative of the new trend of three color patchesas fakes instead of logos, a very troubling scenario when dealing with SPA and Exquisite patches. Because there are enough people onto the use of fake logos, some sellers are just substituting believable patches instead of ridiculous fakes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Beanie Wells Fake SPA Patch Auto - This one is almost comical, especially when you see all the other Beanies he has for sale. A few people on FCB were chatting about this one, and I concur with their observation that the patch doesn’t necessitate this price, even if it were real.

Ray Rice Fake SPA Patch Auto - Although there were some Ravens logo patches in 2008 SPA, this isnt one of them. I have said countless times that the sleeve patch for Baltimore rivals the Viking head as the most faked patch around, mainly because of how incredible it looks when real. This one is fake.

Ray Rice Fake Exquisite Patch Auto - See my point above.

Shonn Greene Fake SPA Patch Auto - Since the Jets only have two colors on the entire jersey, the chest logo and the reebok logo are the only premium patches they have. When you see one like this, its pretty hard to think its real. Obviously this one isnt.

All Star Fake #1

Mariano Rivera Fake Yankee Stadium Logo Patch - I can tell you now that there are none of these patches in 2009 Ultimate baseball, and I have even covered this type of card before. Like the Jets, the yankees have few premium patches on their jerseys, which leads to fakes like this to beef up the sales. My guess is that this patch isnt even sewn on to the swatch. Fucking terrible.

All Star Fake #2

Ichiro Suzuki Fake Mariners Logo Patch - Despite my feelings on Topps sterling as a whole, these cards are huge targets for fakes. Huge swatch windows give people the opportunity to remove and replace the existing patches, and this one takes the cake. I cant believe he thought he would get 1200 for this abomination.

All Star Fake #3

Chin Ming Wang Fake All Star Patch - I think its hilarious that someone dropped 150 bucks on this piece of shit, especially because of what patch was in there. No way this is even close to real, yet that didn’t stop someone from freaking out enough to buy this card. Absolutely horrible.

If there is one piece of advice I could give you to live by, its definitely to do your research before you buy any card, even if you dont suspect anything. It takes five minutes and cant really hurt you to cover your ass. If you dont, you could end up as one of these schmoes who bought one of these idiotic fakes. Ebay is not looking out for you, so the only person who will help you is you. Write that down.


  1. Why don't you report on these things before the auctions go final? You can't fully help buyers not buy these if you don't talk about them while they are live.

  2. guess you didnt read my post on freedomcardboard...



  4. ebay dont give a fuck. i called them and they told me i had no proof. there dumb fucks!

    i called chris carlin at upper deck, he going to let ebay know whats good

  5. I never look at auctions like these because I don't have that sort of money to throw around. And I don't doubt your opinion that these are fakes. I still don't understand why. Take the Ichiro card as an example. Why would someone remove the original patch from the card, put in a fake one and then sell it? What does the dealer have to gain? If he thought he could get $1200 with the fake patch, why wouldn't he try to get $1200 for the real patch? What does he do with the real patch?

  6. cuz the real patch that was in there, a 2 color, is only worth around 500 at best. with the logo its woth a ton more to an idiot that dont know any better.