Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upper Deck Responds To Rumors...Again

Yesterday I posted that Upper Deck had seemingly postponed their entire calendar based on information I had received from a distributor. It was confirmed by one other unrelated source who also got the same news.

According to a response from the company, the Hockey and Basketball calendar is still in place and will be released on time per UD's main people. This is contrary to the news originally posted that their calendar has been postponed. Personally, I am very glad that this is their response, and hopefully things will be as they say they will.

That being said, I received a lot of criticism for posting unconfirmed rumors about the loss of their NFL license, but in the end, those rumors turned out to be more true than many cared to acknowledge. Really, rumors are just that, rumors, and you can take them however you want. However, for a lot of us, many of these "rumors" are turning out to be more solid than we would like them to be.

Although I dont always have 100% confirmation on the stories I present, the sources I use are ones that I trust and are very much more connected than I ever will be. At this point, I am unsure of who to believe, but I will take Upper Deck's word for it until further news is posted.

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  1. Keep an ear out more on this possible developing story. With the way things have been going with UD lately, it would not surprise me if there is some truth to this. Maybe they are trying to revamp their product line and figure out what they plan on doing moving forward with the loss of their NFL license.