Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Partially Happy Day: Topps Gets Football Back

While sitting around at the hospital and reading twitter, I saw that Topps looks to have re-negotiated a new football license. Personally, I think this is some of the better news I have heard about football cards in a long time.

In addition to having some of my favorite products back in the mix, it takes away an exclusive from panini. Hopefully it will force better products thanks to new competition that was not available previously.

All is not the greatest though as it will now pave the way for the return of the terrible high end products that topps is infamous for. Hopefully new ground will be broken and both topps and panini will improve their lines for the benefit of the industry.

Yet, as we have seen so far with previews, things are not looking good one the panini side of things, we have yet.to see about Topps. I have high hopes.

EDIT: Sorry for lack of a link yesterday, I wrote this on my phone while waiting for lab results.


  1. Sweet... Triple Threads is back! I kid, I kid.

  2. Shhhh!!! I hear something....

    Oh hey, it's Triple Threads calling your name...


  3. I really dont think either company is going to step their game up to replace UD. The powers that be know that as a whole, us consumers will still be throwing a ton of money at their products, regardless of how high it scores on the Craptastic Meter.

    Topps still wastes their time & our money with Triple Threads (or anything aside from Chrome), and Panini could give a rats ass about putting real effort into anything, low, mid or high end.

    Although it's a WIN for the hobby for the moment, I've got a sick feeling it'll still turn into a FAIL down the line. SHORTLY down the line...

  4. More Chrome goodness. That is nice.

    BTW, hanging around the hospital? I hope everything is okay is Wife and Baby...

  5. With Upper Deck seemingly going the way of the Edsel, Topps decided to take a chance on getting back in the game, so that Panini wouldn't be all alone. Good move.