Friday, April 2, 2010

Multi Player Logo Cards Can Be Dangerous

Back in 2006 and 2007 a lot of people chased the quad logo auto cards that Exquisite made famous. Four NFL logos on one card with four autos, simple as that. After being absent in 2008, they are back for 2009, and the first one is up on eBay. This particular one suffers from multi-player shock syndrome as I call it, or when higher value rookies like Freeman, are paired with players like Rhett Bomar who will most likely be gone in a few years. For this reason alone, the single logo signature cards from last year were some of the best ever created, mainly because there was no M.P.S.S. anywhere to be found.

This Stafford logo is pretty much in the same boat, as you have a top value rookie on one side, and a scrub on the other. Yes they play for the same team, and yes Williams has more potential than Bomar, but its likely that Williams will never achieve enough success to live up to being on the other side of this card. Of course, that didnt stop it from being sold at a staggering 1500 bucks.

I wonder how often MPSS will strike this year with the rest of the quad and dual logos, hopefully not often.

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