Thursday, April 22, 2010

Live Blogging the NFL Draft

Showtime is less than an hour away, and I thought this would be a good chance to do my first every live blog of the draft. Since the Vikings are picking at thirty, and I will have to type out a very long and drawn out equivalent of "NOOOOOOOO!" if they draft Tebow, I think I should maybe have some fun along the way.

Check back for updates, reactions and everything in between. If you have thoughts on picks and predictions, go ahead and comment and ill add them to the post. This way, we can get more of a complete picture.

[7:15] Introducing the prospects? Really? Some of these guys arent going until tomorrow! Kind of interesting that some of them are going to be sitting for awhile today. Not like previous years.

[7:29] Here we go. I dont think there will be any surprises at number 1. Not sure if they will even take the full time. Bradford goes 1, no doubt.

[7:36] Bradford on the phone, how many of these types of shots tonight?

[7:39] ESPN just spoiled that pick. Hope that doesnt happen again. Lions up next - I say Suh for sure.

[7:44] Suh it is, he will be the star of this draft, even if Tebow's cards go for 100 dollars more. Suh is just too much of a beast, and it sucks that the Vikings and their OLine are going to have to deal with him for a decade plus. Tampa is next, McCoy off the board.

[7:51] McCoy is a great player and will do some damage, but lately, a lot of these types of players are busts. McCoy and Suh are a different breed, but its worth mentioning. Skins up next, they take Okung, even though they should take Williams.

[7:58] First surprise! Redskins take Williams who looks to be the better prospect than Okung. I think this is going to work out better in their favor, and I Okung will end up being this year's Jason Smith. KC is next, they take Okung for their third draft bust in as many years.

[8:05] Looks like Eric Berry is going to the Chiefs, muuuuuuch better pick than Okung. Interesting to see what Seattle does now that Okung is still there. They could go Spiller, but I think he will be there for their next pick, they could go Clausen. Im not sure on this one.

[8:14]Okung on the phone, he goes to Seattle. Cleveland easily could go with Clausen, but I have a feeling that they will actually go with Haden or someone similar.

[8:21] The Browns are thinking about Kyle Wilson? This high? Wow, his stock really has risen over the last week.

[8:23] Browns are going with Haden, Raiders are next. How funny would it be if Tebow gets picked to these guys. Pure Al Davis right there. I say they take Pierre-Paul because their talent evaluators look at weird things when considering draft picks (a la speed and Hey-Bey).

[8:30] Raiders pick is in quickly, they take McClain in a semi-reach. When looking up the word "reach" in the dictionary, there is a picture of Al Davis' phone. Buffalo is next, they go with Clausen or Bulaga. I think its so funny that the Raiders never do what any one expects them to do. They never have anything work out, and they wonder why.

[8:31] Wait what? Spiller? That was fucking quick. Guess that says how much faith they have in Beast Mode. They should have gone with Bulaga, no doubt there. Secondly, if they werent going with Bulaga, they should have gone with Clausen as Edwards is not the answer. Holy crap. Too bad Seahawks, but I guess that means they go with Clausen for their second pick.

[8:34] I say the Jags go with Morgan, they really need some D-Line help. Though they may have some questions if they dont take the hometown Jesus.

[8:38] Jags go with, fuck the heck? Alualu? Who the fuck is that? Welcome to the NFL Hey-bey 2010. What a piece of shit. Niners take Clausen, otherwise im not sure why they would trade up. Bulaga maybe?

[8:43] Anthony Davis? Over Bulaga? Wow. Well, im not sure what that was about. Miami takes Morgan next, Denver takes Bryant.

[8:45] Chargers now on the board, this is getting nuts. You wanna get nuts? LETS GET NUTS. Not sure what this is about. Bulaga maybe?

[8:50] Ryan Mathews goes at 12, way above where I had him. A lot of great talent still on the board, this isnt anything like what I expected tonight to be. Mathews should be pretty good, especially on a team like San Diego.

[8:51] ANOTHER TRADE. Holy crap. Who is Philly going after? This is gonna be good.

[8:53] Earl Thomas is their guy, good pickup for them. They are a strong team, but only if Kolb comes through. Who knows, but Thomas should be a good DB.

[8:57] Okay, I fell for ESPN's smoke screen, Brandon Graham surprises the hell out of me, but who fucking knows anymore. Im stumped. I read over 300 mock drafts, and none of them are even close.

[12:50] I got to finish watching the rest of the first round, my wife needed some help. Im absolutely shocked that Denver took their number 25 pick, put it in a small receptacle and set it aflame, but I guess I am more shocked that Clausen should be available when the Vikings pick at 34. I think they did an awesome job trading out of that spot, gathering another couple picks and still having a shot at whatever guy they want. Hopefully its Clausen, though who knows. Because the Rams have the first pick in the second round, I could easily see a team offering a ton to move up before the Vikes if they want Clausen bad enough. Either way, I would expect the second round to be as crazy as the first.

Gotta head to bed right now before I lose sleep that I will need over the next few days, so more commentary on the first round will be posted tomorrow.

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