Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going To My First Baseball Game This Year

Ive always been a fan of going to the park, downing a few beers and having a dog while watching some baseball. Because I am not a Dodger fan, and Anaheim is way too far away, I dont usually make it out to the games I want to see. The Twins play out in California at least once a year, and there is always a reason we cant go. This year, despite the fact that my wife is bursting at the seams, she insisted that we see the Twins and her "boyfriend" Justin Morneau.

Due my wife's prodding, we bought cheap tickets on eBay, and tonight is the night we go. Of course, I missed the game where both Mauer and Morneau went deep, but Im sure it will be fun regardless. I wish we would get to see Kevin Slowey instead of Carl Pavano pitch for the Twins, but a least we get to see them. I wanted to buy one of the awesome new away jerseys for the game, but I figured that making a clothes investment like that when I am expected to lose a ton of weight, isnt really the best idea.

Either way, we will both be there in our Twins garb, cheering on our boys to an eventual 12-2 loss. We will be THOSE fans, the ones you hate seeing cheer for the other team, but at least we arent too loud. Im just hoping to see a good game, and a Twins win would definitely be icing on the cake. After last night, Im a little worried they blew their load the night before we decided to go, and all that is left is a sacrifice fly and two bloop singles. Hopefully the ass-bats werent packed for the trip and it wont be a game laden with Twins fails. Hopefully.


  1. Hopyou see a good game. I've been digging DirecTV's free preview of the Extra Innings package this week. I was able to catch last night's game and will be watching again tonight.

  2. Hey Gellman, got your wish tonight (which I'm sure both you and your wife are psyched out of your minds about)! Here's to many more wins for our beloved Twinkies!