Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Look: 2010 Upper Deck Football

A distributor just forwarded me the sell sheet for 2010 Upper Deck Football, and I want to go over a few things that I have to say about this particular choice of cards. You may think this design is familiar, and that is because it is the same one from Upper Deck Baseball. The 2010 Upper Deck baseball set was put out before the lawsuit took hold, and that is where the problem lies.

Last year, Upper Deck's design for their flagship set was great. It was sleek, stylish, and simple, thus highlighting the amazing photography that they have become known for. This year for football, they adopted a design that was built around a logo-less team-less set from an unlicensed baseball product, and it looks terrible. Baseball wasnt great because they had a limited structure to work with, but there is no excuse as to why they transferred it over to football. Continuity isnt THAT important.

Now, this isnt the whole set, but it is enough to make me disappointed that they didnt go a different direction. We still havent gotten a look at any of the case hits like the same day sigs, or the possible inclusion of Premier cards like 2009. However, from what I am seeing, it looks uninspired and boring.

Hopefully the rest of the set looks much better than this. Last year's was good enough that I actually considered buying a box, and I NEVER buy low end stuff. This year, I wont be touching it from the looks of things so far.


  1. I actually liked the design when I saw it for baseball and was hoping they would keep it for football. Granted, I REALLY think they should add a team logo to the front (although I do admit that would be tough with this design), but overall I think it is a clean design.

    The only other thing I would tweak is have a portrait sans helmet for that inset b&w parallelagram.

    Otherwise, even if it's not the popular opinion, I like it.

    I will admit I have quite a bit of bias though because I annually collect the base Upper Deck set as a sort of "year book" set.

  2. Weak. This is pretty sad. And hey, anyone notice the awesome background in the Sanchez card? Boo.

  3. I like simple, but the base design looks a little too simple.

    I really like the AP patch card. The window is bigger than most base set jersey cards and should yield some really nice looking pieces. That and the team color stripe should make for some clean looking cards. I hope they have a Calvin or a Panther one in the set.

    I HATE Rookie Review stuff. It's what you always find in early release stuff like this and prestige. Nothing sucks more than opening a box and your hit is a James Hardy auto instead of a current rookie. Plus, what's up with the use of the Rookie Premier photo? I don't know if it is possible to make Sanchez more ridiculous than to have him in an empty stadium reaching for a pylon. There is a whole stock of photos from his rookie year, use one.