Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Blog Bat Around Returns With a Vengence

After a week of deliberating and posting, here is the latest blog bat around. This time, the stakes were a little higher considering that the blogs actually had to get on to ebay with a time limit, but I think everyone's turned out awesome. Even I will be the first to admit that this one wasn’t easy, especially due to how much money was actually available to "spend." As always there were a few that were off the wall, but those are never discouraged with a forum like this.

This Bat Around's Topic:

Remember those days on Nickelodeon where they would hold contests for their version of a kids' ultimate shopping spree? They would let the winner loose in a Toys R Us for however long and let them keep what they could fit in the cart, right? Well, if you were given $50,000 and 15 minutes on ebay, what cards/memorabilia would you buy with the money? Break it down card by card, and give us a price and a reason for what you are buying. Not everyone would go out there and buy a Joe Jackson cracker jack, but some people would. So, with that, what would you spend the mother lode on? Happy buying.

With that, here is the list of blogs that participated and the links to their posts. Each of these sites is great and I would encourage you to start following as many of them as you can stomach in one day. Each blog is unique enough to provide a different perspective on the hobby, and I think that is the main reason why the card blogger network is so fun to be a part of. There will be more opportunities like this as the months move forward, and if you havent started your own place to get your own viewpoints out there, now is your chance. If I forgot to include yours, or you havent gotten it done, please post in the comments here and I will fix it right away.

Sports Cards Uncensored - My Auto-Riffic Shopping Spree
Great Sports Name HOF - The Ultimate Shopping Spree
First and Goal - 50,000 Shopping Spree
Baseball Cards Come To Life - The 50,000 Challenge
Balk Four - 50K in 15 mins
Voice of the Collector - My 50K Shopping Spree
Dodgers Blue Heaven - Bat Around Shopping Spree
Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius - 50K is Burning a Hole
Mark's Ephemera - Blog Bat Around
Sports Card Info - My 50,000 eBay Loot
Sports Card Design - Shopping Spree
Padrographs - My Shopping Cart
Priceless Pursuit - 50,000 on eBay
Emerald City Diamond Gems - Blog Bat Around
BABenny's Baseball Card Buffet - If I had 50000 Dollars
Wrigley Wax - Im Going Shopping
Cardboard Junkie - REA Shopping Spree
Field Level View - Can I Spend 50K in 15 mins?
bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog - If I Had 50K, Id Buy...
Play At The Plate - Ebay Shopping Spree
Thoughts and Sox - Spending 50K
Drop the Gloves - BBA: Vintage Hockey Edition
Stale Gum - Spending 50 Large

Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys all did a great job. Next time I think I may do a topic that lends more to commentary on the hobby, but I will take suggestions. Also, if you want to host a future one down the road, shoot me an email and we can work it out. If you havent posted yet, dont worry, I can always add you later.


  1. Yeah, my link is a 404, lol... I lost my blog yesterday, so I'm slowly trying to get things back in order.

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  3. Paul's Random Stuff links to White Sox cards instead of his own site.

  4. I didn't see mine in there but here it is again...