Friday, April 16, 2010

The Aura Of The Viking Head

The Viking head is the pinnacle of Adrian Peterson patch cards, all Vikings player cards for that matter, but when should you take the chance on one? Because it’s the patch that all the fans chase, its also the target of a ton of fakes. Some are good fakes that are hard to decipher, others are bad fakes that are easy to spot. Whenever I see a Viking head, I immediately kick into fake detection mode and start snooping. Some are harder to determine than others, especially when they are low numbered or 1/1s.

Adrian Peterson NT Viking Head 1/1 - They may have a cool logo for their auctions, but I feel like ive seen this card before without the Viking head. This seller may not have been the culprit, but im not sure if I trust them, even with the 1/1 stamp on the card.

Percy Harvin Leaf Limited Viking Head /25 - I really feel odd about this one because its out of Limited and it just looks to be fake. He has a lot of questionable patch salesin his past, and that sends up even more red flags. I wouldn’t go after this one at all.

Percy Harvin National Treasures Viking Head (Partial) - This one actually fits the mold of legit more than fake. The patch autos /25 are usually patches like this and because its only half of the head, it adds to to the reasons I would think it to be real.

Percy Harvin National Treasures Viking Head (Partial) - Further adding to the legitimacy of the other one, here is the bottom half of that Viking head.

Basically, each team has their most faked patches, especially teams like the Ravens, so do your detective work before you go and drop a few bills on a patch you think is real.

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  1. The Peterson is totally real brother. Saw it pulled in a box break about 1 1/2 yrs ago..Treasures has always done a team logo set 1/1. mendnehall just sold from 08 on ebay(under completed listings) and I have the holmes from 06 which has the complete Steelers logo for the most part. You rememeber jdworley he did the whole 06 set when they intorduced. Still missing some of course