Monday, March 22, 2010

Vote For Your Favorites in the Upper Deck Awards

This year is a first for these types of things, but I think it bears mentioning here. Over on twitter and possibly facebook, Upper Deck is soliciting collector votes for their favorites of the net. Award categories include collector of the year, blog of the year, forum of the year, and the like.

As a person who puts a ton of work into this site, I would love your support for Blog of the Year, but I am not eligible because I contribute to UD's site. Therefore, throw your support to who you feel did the best job this year, and hopefully, they will be recognized.

You can nominate blogs and collectors by responding to Upper Deck's facebook page, and im sure their website will also be a hub for vote collecting. Even if you are not going to be voting for this blog, I encourage you to support your favorites by checking out the contest.


  1. It's an easy self-promotion trick (name an award after your company and give it out), but I still like it.

  2. Eh, it's gimmicky, but it gets people to maybe visit other sites? Maybe?