Friday, March 26, 2010

UD Sneaks In Under the Gun, Renews NFL License for 2010 and 2011

I had reported a couple of days ago that UD was on a short road to losing their NFL license due to payment issues. My source(s) had all echoed this as likely, mainly because of the shear amount of money that was needed did not seem to be within their means in the time it was needed. I got word today that Upper Deck was able to secure the money, and get the license renewed for both 2010 and 2011, something I am EXTREMELY happy about.

From the article written about the recent change to the licensing, it looks like the NFL was going to give out four licenses, but decided to go back to two in order to keep the "watering down" to a minimum. Although I think that is a bunch of shit and the more the merrier, at least the big two are back in it.

Topps will remain on the outside looking in, though I doubt they are too concerned considering the huge victory that was won a few weeks ago.

Personally, I am glad that Upper Deck is back in the game because it allows for the good design river to continue flowing in the right direction. As collectors have shown on the numerous threads posted on numerous boards, there will be A LOT of people who are going to be very happy about this.

With Exquisite less than a week away, and many collectors eagerly awaiting its release, this news could not be better for those of us who believe that when it comes to producing the best cards, Upper Deck is the top of the mountain.


  1. Kudos to UD, I didn't think you could come up the funds but you proved me wrong! Hopefully things can improve with the company and people can make the right decisions!!

  2. FB collector's definitely dodged a bullet

  3. Nice to see that the company could be running like a 21st century operation, and not still looking at the market with 1992 glasses.

    So much for all the complaints about purportedly monopolistic exclusives over the last 18 months or so. Two of the big four sports (NFL, NHL) now have so-called semi-exclusive licenses with more than one card maker.

    Sure throws that "market confusion" excuse out the window of why exclusives were awarded previously.

    It's an interesting mix. Topps may have only one license, but the MLB is by far the most lucrative of the four.

    UD is hanging tight with two, and with recent setbacks, those should be counted as a blessing.

    Panini has the most breadth in the US now, with all but the MLB in their stable. I would have never predicted this outcome in 2007.

  4. This is great news for so many reasons. I just hope Panini decides to make something really nice for collectors to truly love this year, otherwise.. A lot of us will be looking to UD football (again).

  5. Phew. Hopefully we don't get this close to a scare again.

  6. Todd, I like the idea of semi-exclusive contracts with professional leagues! These "one trick pony" exclusive contracts are a load of crap! Give the consumer more of a choice and all of us will be more happy!

  7. UD was never in as bad shape as was widely speculated. Some people reported them as having to give up all monies made off the sale of their unlicensed MLB cards when they only gave up a percentage. UD had to convince creditors and partners that things were not as bleak as they seemed.