Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talk About A Ridiculous Price For A Ridiculous Pull!

Over the last few years, SP Authentic has offered a cool chase card for the buyers of the product. Basically, for each of the last few sets, there has been one or two redemptions per year that offer a complete set of low numbered rookie patch autos for the lucky person that pulls the card.

This year, the person wisely put it up for auction and let it run. To say that the ending price is a little surprising is like saying the Happening was just "a bad movie."

After getting news of Upper Deck's settlement yesterday, I have been assured that all will remain the same, however, investing thousands in a redemption is still risky regardless. I would maybe have thought twice about this one, just because of the shear price of it.

Oddly enough, many people are speculating that the hand numbered "platinum" rookie patch autos numbered to five, were actually supposed to be this redemption's reward. Im not sure if that is actually the case, but it seems like that would have been the case for previous incarnations of this chase.


  1. Where does that value of that purchase go but down?

  2. Bad move to have an auction. The first of these redemption cards sold for $4k off-eBay (no fees). Should have done BIN/BO on that one.

  3. CCC - I agree 100%

    Plus, why is the seller charging $12 for shipping regular first class mail. The nerve of some people.

  4. hey its better than buying two or three cases of the stuff eh?

  5. The guy is on blowoutcards forums. His card shop shipped it overnight insured ($12 shipping).