Monday, March 8, 2010

A Look At Some of the More Interesting Personal Touch Inscription Cards

The 'personal touch' cards out of Ultimate are not the first incarnations of a card like this, but they are the most valuable for sure. With each being limited to 3 copies, many collectors are picking them up at huge prices. Personally, I dont like the idea of these cards, but I cant deny the canvases these cards provide for interesting/funny facts. Regardless of my feelings about purchasing them, I do like reading them, as I think it gives us something we dont normally get about the players' personal lives.

Here are some of the most unique of the bunch that are selling/have been sold on eBay:

Adrian Peterson's Favorite Movie - This movie is so odd, that I had to look it up on Wikipedia. Turns out its a movie about a singing group similar to the Temptations. In my opinion, it doesnt really fit a guy like Peterson, but I guess different strokes for different folks.

Javon Ringer's Favorite Hero - Ringer is the second player that gets my thumbs up for writing an actual hero. The first was Aaron Curry who had the same answer.

Michael Turner's Favorite Movie - Gotta hand it to him, he has the best answer so far of anyone. I totally think this is pretty perfect, actually, for him.

Eli Manning's Favorite Actor/Musician - A guy who went to Ole Miss that loves Kenny Chesney? Nah, couldnt be.

Drew Brees' Favorite Hero - I found it kind of odd that his favorite hero is a baseball player. In other news, Drew Brees is now hated by Yankee fans.

The WINNER of the Best Inscription Contest

Mark Sanchez's Favorite Actor/Musician - I laughed out loud when I saw this. Only Mark Sanchez would write this after playing in New Jersey for the last year. From what I heard at the Rookie Premiere, Sanchez was that kind of guy who liked joking around. I guess I shouldnt be surprised that this card wins at life.

If you guys see any other ones that are good, let me know.


  1. I dunno...I think Hakeem Nicks' "Fried Chicken" response to Favorite Food is my fave so far

  2. Batman is an "actual" hero? Are you joking? I sure hope so. Batman isn't real, there is nothing "actual" about him. Now if it was "favourite superhero" then batman would be appropriate.

  3. This is actually a decent concept but not quite, favorite football hero would have been a better question or porn actress etc...

  4. If is said, "favourite superhero" the card would have been produced by O-Pee-Chee.

    Seriously though, Sanchez's stock goes up a bit with me. Having the nerve to joke around like that on what is supposed to be a fun card is pretty cool in my book.

  5. Alex, it's the goddamn Batman. You don't question that.

  6. Wombat, who is the "goddam batman"? I've heard of batman before, but never the goddam batman.

  7. Alex - it's a well known (6 million hits on a Google search) reference to Frank Miller's turn on All-Star Batman & Robin. Look it up.