Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is This A Sign Of Things To Come?

Pro football talk recently posted a story about hundreds of people showing up to meet Tim Tebow at store in Florida. Although the people showing up should be no surprise, the price that he was charging seems a little high. 160 bucks to sign and 75 for pictures isnt astronomical, but usually it isnt until after the draft that they can charge THAT kind of money. That is not what my post is about.

Aside from the kid who flew from Pennsylvania to meet his personal Jesus Football Christ, this should give us an interesting clue as to how much Tebow's cards may be worth right off the bat. Heisman winners are a special breed that autograph collectors chase (even Danny Wuerffle still signs for cash), and Tebow is a little bit more than a Heisman winner right now. Even though he will most likely end up as late round pick with nothing of a career, he is a guy that many people would pay A LOT of money to get signatures of. After reading this story, Im wondering if one of the worst QB's in the draft may have a signature worth more than the guys who actually have a shot at being good in the NFL!

Yes, I know that Tebow can cure cancer with his post-game tears, can raise a girls cup size by two with a wink, and can turn a SOLO cup of water into beer, but he cant throw. Plain and simple. Its the same reason why Danny Wuerffle and all those other Florida QBs arent even close to the NFL right now. That wont stop some people from paying a shitload of their hard earned cash to get a piece of the next Akili Smith.

Check out these auctions for him right now:

Signed Jersey - This has a GAI cert and is still going for a ton! People dont trust GAI for a reason!

Signed Jersey - This one looks worse than the other one, but still has someone willing to pay a hundred for it! I wonder if he signed it "Tim Tebow - I can walk on water" that would make it worth more?

Signed Picture - I cant even explain this price. Peterson goes for under this. ADRIAN FUCKING PETERSON. Plus this picture is a little weird right? Remember, this guy has not and may not play a snap in the NFL.

Another Signed Jersey - More money, still has a GAI cert. I wouldnt touch this with someone else's ten foot pole, but because its Tim Tebow, someone did.

Honestly people, you know how much I hate this guy, especially after that stupid ass super bowl commercial. I seriously cant understand why anyone wants to pay as much money for this guy's autograph, when in 3-5 years, no one will know who he is. I get that he was a great college player, but there have been hundreds JUST like him with a similar resume. I just dont see any reason to go out of my way to buy stuff from a guy when I could get it hundreds cheaper in a few years.


  1. Most of the money raised at Saturday's signing will go towards the Tim Tebow Foundation. The organization's website said it wants to bring faith and hope to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

  2. Once Woodley and Timmons hit him from both sides, he will be back on the (Eric) C(r)ouch.

  3. Look, I agree that he's likely not going to worth crap in the NFL, at least as a QB. (He might have some value at another position). But this:

    "I get that he was a great college player, but there have been hundreds JUST like him with a similar resume."

    Is mindnumblingly dumb. When you factor in era, his postseason accomplishments and the conference he played in, there are very very few college football athletes who had his resume. And even fewer quarterbacks. Unless you counting in fruit fly years, "hundreds just like him" is nowhere near the truth.

    Honestly, I couldn't stand the whole "Holy Tebow" act in college, but, that act was downright charming compared to what his detractors say about him. The whole "TEBOW WAS OVERRATED IN COLLEGE" crap is getting really annoying and is just demonstratively wrong.

  4. Most of his signing money goes to charity/foundations, plus the signing was at Palm Beach, which is always expensive (I live locally by it). Maybe if you weren't busy giving UD hand jobs on twitter you'd see he has already had a successful career.

  5. Gellman, you know I love you, dude. But I'm with daddydrank on this one. Doesn't mean you have to like him. And doesn't mean he will have an NFL career. But Football Jesus was nails in college. Not many guys out there even close to his resume.

  6. Troy Smith garnered right around 100+ a sig right after he finished his college career. People in the central Ohio area paid that much too. I think the Heisman effect does have something to do with it. People are obviously paying this for Tebow's autograph, so I'd say its not his fault since he is just getting paid while he can.

    I live and work in a memorabilia store in central Ohio. I worked at the store when Smith was in for signings, and people paid. They complained, but they still paid.

    Overall, its a problem with the people willing to pay this much, not with Tebow.

  7. stop bashing the guy when i mean steve young, tom brady , and brett favre werent gem quarterbacks out of college ... just sit back and watch how he turns out i mean in the right system he could be good .... Yeah Im a gator fan and no i wouldnt pay the price that some of those are going for but still no right to Bash a guy so hard because you dont like him ....


  8. I usually take your posts with a grain of salt, but I couldn't agree more with you on this one. Looks like you rubbed a few folks' vaginas the wrong way. Oh well, they'll get over it once Tebow puts in a few 'Bama-esque performances. Like Steve Spurrier said, "There are no Vanderbilts on the schedule in the NFL."

  9. Tim Tebow - the George W Bush of football. Sure he may have had some success - but unless you subscribe to his fruitcake beliefs, he's a nothing but a joke.

    Yes, I agree with you on this one. Yes, he may have had some college success, but that doesn't mean squat when it comes to the NFL. If you are a fan of Tebow's college career and want to purchase some signed memorabilia, wait a year until all the hype dies down and he is on the practice squad of the Cleveland Browns.

    It is true that some of his signing fee goes to charity, but it is for bringing "faith and hope to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need." Great, part of it goes to spreading his fundie beliefs. I'd have less of a problem with his signing fee if it all went to a proper charity, instead of helping to spread the word about everybody's favourite fictional character, jesus.

  10. I actually don't think there is anything to see here. It's the same tune as every other major sport that transitions from college to pros. As soon as people can get their hands on the most popular college athletes autos, they will. And they pay for it.

    I am no fan of Tebow, so I won't buy it. But I am a huge UNC fan and love Tyler Hansbrough. Not because of his potential in the pros, but for what he did for my favorite team. I have bought some pro stuff of his just to have in my collection.

    Have we gotten to the point where this is unacceptable? That's a shame if we have.

    Tebow suffers from a ton of media worship that has turned people off to him. Whether or not I hope he flops in the pros is directly related to what team he plays for and who they are playing. If the Panthers pick him up, I hope he is the greatest thing ever. If the Cowboys pick him up, I hope he ends up playing backup free safety.

    Just sayin.

  11. Gellman, I think you might have a crush on Tebow.... admit it!