Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Have Been Had By The Fake Twitter Account, As Much As I Hate To Say It

Yesterday, the web was all abuzz with the promise of the UD Awards unveiling. One person, someone close to the program it seems, took the opportunity to capitalize on the event. This person created a fake Twitter account (@upperdeckawards), started tweeting, and we listened and responded quite intently. There are definitely some questions I have, especially considering that UD had nothing to say about it, even now.

First, the Upper deck account knew quite a bit about what was going to happen. How would they have that info? We could all guess, but they were pretty much on top of a lot of it.

Secondly, Upper Deck has more than one twitter account that was active, why didnt they tweet their followers to inform them it wasnt real? Its quite simple, just tell us. We could have avoided lots of confusion since almost all of us follow both accounts.

Lastly, I get that these awards are polarizing, as are some of the responses to it. However, I feel like someone is pulling strings that shouldnt be pulled. I guess when you offer free stuff, including elusive recognition, we all freak. We all want a piece of the action, and a lot of us throw caution to the wind (myself included) when we get a whiff of a cool opportunity.

I failed to follow my own rules about fakes, and I should have known better. My apologies to everyone. Be sure to voice your support for SCU on the awards, I guess I am now eligible again.


  1. Eh, it happens. Not sure why people get so worked up into a frenzy over stuff like this.

    Of course, I also sometimes fail to see that baseball cards mean more to some than to others. I love the hobby, sure, and the same goes for blogging, but it's not like recognition from UD would really change anything. More hits, sure, but I don't think I'd enjoy writing any more or less, and it wouldn't create any more time to do it.

    I find that with each passing day as my three month old son develops I have less and less time (and energy!) to devote to the hobby as it is!

    Anyway... hopefully there's a category for blogger who collects worthless junk like it's going out of style, and who can't let go of the relic craze from the late 90s :)

  2. Yeah, I cant really get much out of an award like this. Other people could.

  3. I missed the Twitter Troll luckily... I did nominate SCU and a few other sites on UD's Facebook page. I did it under the UD Award Photos page... thought that I read on their facebook page thats where they wanted it to go... anyone know if that is correct or not?

  4. Ugh, yeah, I got sucked in... But it's okay, it saved me after reconsidering my position on these awards. Now my votes are gone.

  5. Seems he's cycling the link to various blogs now. I've seen SCU and New Card Smell.