Monday, March 29, 2010

Exquisite Hits The Bay, Waiting On More

Exquisite has now hit the bay as expected, and most of the cards posted so far have been variations of the ones posted on UD's facebook page. Once we have a better idea of what the general set looks like come tomorrow, Ill have my thoughts on the overall product.

Here is what is up so far.

Peyton Manning Inscription - I love inscriptions like this, more so than ones pertaining to their personal life. Very cool.

Jeremy Maclin Signature Swatch - These cards look ten times better than last year's, despite Maclin's pen problems. Completely unacceptable in a product like this.

Donovan McNabb Rare Materials - I love the look of these cards, will be waiting on a Peterson to show up.

Knowshon Moreno Rookie Auto Patch - Moreno has a good looking card and sig this year. These are going to be pretty nice.

Kenny Britt Notable Nameplates - I didnt know there were non-autos of these, which is too bad. These are the cards that could kill a box.

Sanchez Bookmark Signature Swatch - I think these cards would have been awesome if not for the foldout crap. They should have been singles. Still better than a crap gold auto, though.

As soon as more of the biggies hit, ill post more. So far, nothing new has surfaced, though more is expected.


  1. What about all the cards with the die-cut letters that belong in a $99/box product like Premier? The same kind of cards you whine about with TTT every single year?

    Oh, UD makes them so they are great. You are just pathetic. And you can thank my efforts for you NOT getting nominated for the UD awards.

  2. Wow, Carnie, that's awefully hateful. This blog is just one guy's opinion on a fun hobby. I personally think this blog should have definitely been nominated, and I think it should win. It's the only one I enjoy reading.