Thursday, February 18, 2010

Value Analysis - 2009 SP Authentic Rookie Patch Autos

Now that SP Authentic has been out for awhile, I think its time to do an update from my breakdown of value on the Limited patch autos. Although these cards are much different in popularity, and a lot has changed in the league since week 12 or 13, its still interesting to see which value is the highest of the year.

A note is necessary, however, as with some being redemptions in an unstable time for UD, value is probably affected. Either way, people are still paying for the top rookies regardless, which is something I find very interesting. Also, another interesting thing is that many of the player's cards are numbered higher than last year's, and yet they still maintain a similar value.

Here is the list of the top 10 rookie patch autos:

Mark Sanchez (4 color max) - 320 dollars

Matthew Stafford (4 color max) - 240 dollars
Michael Crabtree (4 color max) - 110 dollars
Percy Harvin (redemption) - 105 dollars
Beanie Wells (redemption) - 105 dollars
Knowshon Moreno (3 color max) - 95 dollars
Shonn Greene (2 color max) - 70 dollars
Lesean McCoy (4 color max) - 60 dollars
Donald Brown (2 color max) - 60 dollars
Jeremy Maclin (4 color max)- 60 dollars
Mike Wallace (3 color max)- 50 dollars

I wouldn’t necessarily use this as a guide to buying on eBay, but with the multitude of auctions that are popping up, this could be a good map for setting snipes and bidding. Of course, there are always factors that will lower or bump value, but I think these are pretty good averages. Let me know if you see something I missed.

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