Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ultimate Patch Fakes: I Warned You, And Here They Are

The users on FCB have been discussing a lot about the authenticity of the patches from a manufacturer standpoint, and now there are the first evident user created Ultimate patch fakes. Take a look at a few they pointed out, which all are completely scammed by user/fucktard Aruba202.

Magglio OrdonezEric Chavez
Jered Weaver

Here are some other GREAT ones from the same douchebag - ALL FAKE. This is why I tell you to check items for sale/completed auctions. He broke every cardinal rule and people still have paid hundreds for his "masterpieces." He is making a killing and I feel bad for the people who buy from this fucking asshat. Check these out:

Mark Sanchez
Jason Bay
Beanie Wells
Albert Pujols
My favorite - the triple fake


  1. Just so I know what what to look out for, what do you mean by "the cardinal rules"? Thanks for being a watchdog, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. 2 Quick questions; Does the faker remove the original patch and insert a more glorious patch? You've probably covered this somewhere, but how does one know they are fake? They look quite legit.
    It's getting to the point that the only way to ensure one gets a legit card is to buy packs and pull said card.

  3. Did someone from UD go on record and say they are fake? Forgive me for playing devil's advocate but the guy has a 100% satisfaction score on eBay

  4. SMG- look at the body of work and how many patches that are full window. Ultimate was a great product, but there arent that many cards like this in one persons hands, who also has a ton of other fakes. Then, per the experts on FCB for each of these players, the patches dont match up to other patches in the set. Jered weaver's stuff is all from an away jersey, his is from a home jersey. Magglio's stuff is all from a tigers jersey, the all star patch was from a year he wasnt with the tigers, etc.

  5. I noticed these on ebay last night. They just looked extra fishy. I actually was watching a Jered Weaver patch that sold last night and it looked almost identical to the one he has for sale. If you search the completed auctions you will see that they look exactly the same. I just don't buy that UD would produce two of the exact same patch, coupled with the fact they look like they are from different jerseys. Good looking out!