Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Topps Platinum Breaks One Of My Golden Rules

I rarely like a card that features an overly prominent color in the background, unless its white or a team color. When you opt for an "in your face" presentation like with the Red parallels out of Topps Platinum, you are rarely ever going to get something worth looking at. The colors will either clash and look horrible, or they will only slightly clash and look slightly horrible. It is never a good thing, unless you are a Bucs, Patriots, or Falcons fans. Even then, it gets kind of overwhelming when the WHOLE background is red.

This is completely against the grain from the chrome red refractors, which continue to be some of the better looking cards on the market. When only the BORDER is red, there is usually enough in the picture to match the outside and look great. Bordering a card in red is never a bad thing when it comes to chrome, but Platinum went more cowbell than needed and blew it all to hell.

The platinum cards, in my opinion are ugly to begin with, if not only because of a lack of a good design concept. The boxes on the card that contain the card info and swatch look awful in proportion to the rest of the cards, and there is no way I would ever support buying any of this product because of it. If the main hits dont look good, the product is a dump.

Its now less than a week until the expected release of SPA, lets hope it doesnt make similar mistakes.


  1. I think you are trying to find reasons to hate it lol, I still contend the cards look cool. It'll be interesting to see how SPA stacks up to it though! Looking forward to its release.

  2. I disagree, because my main reason to hate it is the way the patches look. The red just makes it worse.

  3. I love the all red background, but that might be because I'm a communist... just joking.

    I think the all one color backfounds look fine - there is nothing wrong with them. I much prefer them to a white or predominantly white background which just looks dull and boring.

  4. At times I can be a Topps apologist (mainly in the realm of baseball) but I think Gellman nailed this one. I would have liked to argue but after I saw about 3 cards from a break on YouTube I just quit watching. It was entirely without purpose Awful.

  5. Bought some packs of Platinum yesterday. It's actually a pretty awesome product. The base rookie refractors are really sharp, especially the white refractors. I agree that the red refractor auto card you posted is kind of ugly, but the rest of the cards look really nice.