Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Ten Rookies Who Will Kill Your Box - My Take

Not all rookies are created equal, especially those at the rookie premiere. Year in and year out, there are a good portion of guys who go to the premiere that never even have a shot at panning out unless there is some miracle involved. This year was no exception, especially with the fact that the ENTIRE Giants' draft class was invited, and a total of NONE of them did anything this year. Meanwhile, there are a few rookies that always rise above, and though they are hard to predict, sometimes you can see it coming a mile away.

Over on cardboard connection, they posted a list of ten rookies with the potential to ruin a box. The problem is that only a few of them have the potential to be a box hit in something like Exquisite or SP Authentic. On top of that, I don’t agree with most of their rankings. My list takes a different perspective, especially with all the different products centering around the guys from the rookie premiere as the main hit in the box.

10. Derrick Williams - Lions

Derrick Williams is a bad player on a bad team. He has been relegated to KR status, and rarely catches anything but a whiff of Calvin Johnson's ass when he runs by the sidelines. The reason he is on here is more because of his terrible signature, which looks like a cross between a Kanji character and the mark of an illiterate immigrant.

9. Darrius Heyward-Bey - Raiders

Hey bey has problems, more so with the supporting cast than with his actual talent. He was drafted WAAAAAAAAY too high, and he doesn’t have a QB, but that doesn’t mean he is without talent. On the other hand, his production didn’t even show a hint of greatness, and he was outshined by Louis Murphy all year. The main issue is that Hey Bey is sometimes a level 1 rookie, meaning he could replace a case hit of someone like Sanchez or Stafford. That alone adds a whole new level of crap to this entry.

8. Mike Thomas - Jaguars

I bet you have no clue who he is, and I don’t really know either. He is on a team that doesn’t go to their receivers much, and Sims-Walker is the big dog there when they do. The main reason I put him on this list is because his box hits are almost always redemptions, so you are fucked in two ways when you pull him.

7. Brian Robiskie - Browns

The Browns suck. They suck bad. Robiskie is one guy who has little to no shot of being a focus with Massaquoi and Cribbs around, and that doesn’t help much with his value. He barely played this year, and the QB situation doesn’t help much either.

6. Andre Brown - Giants

Another Giant, another horrible addition to the rookie premiere cast. Brown played a little this year, but it was only because Jacobs and Bradshaw were hurt. Once both are back at full strength, he will go back to being towel boy.

5. Juaqin Iglesias - Bears

Yes, the Bears did well with Johnny Knox, but this guy wasn’t as lucky. In fact, he is such a downer that I don’t even know enough about him to write something. He would be higher, but the Bears' starting receivers are Earl Bennett and Devin Hester. When you have a team like that, anything is possible.

4. Rhett Bomar - Giants

Bomar is the third Giant on this list, but not the last. As a QB, he always has a shot at being good, but when you play behind Eli Manning, you arent going to get much of a look. Add in that his talent is around the level of a Jared Lorenzen, and you have an equation that will lose you 500 bucks in an instant.

3. Javon Ringer - Titans

I cant tell you how frustrated I was when I pulled Javon Ringer in my SPX box. He couldn’t even do well as a kick returner. That’s how bad he is. Plus, he plays

2. Jason Smith - Rams

Offensive line is the least valuable position on the field, and sadly 2009 was the second year we had a tackle in the mix at the top of the draft. Then when you see his signature it gets worse and worse. Smith is everywhere this year, and though he seems to be a nice guy, he shouldn’t have been at the premiere.

1. Ramses Barden - Giants

I have no idea why this guy was even put on the list for the premiere. Players have to be voted on by each company and for some reason he was the fourth Giant added to the list. He went to a weird college (Cal Poly) and has little to no prospects of doing anything in the league, and yet, he is on every single card for every single set. You want to know how to kill an Exquisite buzz? Pull his crap like we did in the SPA break.

Honorable Mentions

Brandon Pettigrew - Lions
Tyson Jackson - Chiefs
Deon Butler - Seahawks

Of course, these are my opinions on the matter, feel free to add your own. Really, any time you pull any of these guys you are in trouble, so it wont matter where they are on the list.


  1. Ha, don't know if I'd call Cal Poly a "weird" college as it's pretty big, though I suspect you mean weird in terms of typical schools for an NFL "prospect" to come from.

  2. I would add Patrick Turner to the list

  3. Adam, I have to disagree with you on one thing about none of the Giants Draft class doing anything. You're 5/6th's right but there was one hopeful:

    Hakeem Nicks:

    For a rookie he had 46 recs for 795 yds in 13 games with 6 TD with a 17.3 Y/R avg. That was better than some of the other rookies did this past year. Especially considering the receiving corps that the Giants have I would say he did good but there's room for improvement. It wasn't outstanding but he will be better after this season. As to why the GIANTS drafted what they did... it absolutely makes no sense at all. They did not need any QB's or RB's and needed players on defense more than anything. At least Hakeem Nicks was one bright spot on the GIANTS draft list.

  4. You might want to add Tom Brandstater, Quan Cosby, Nate Davis, and Glen Coffee as well.

  5. what's really odd is that while I was gathering scans for the SPA blog, I noticed almost every break I've seen on every forum ended up with a Ramses Barden...

  6. Well...offensive line is one the most valuable positions on the field. Just one of the least valuable in your box. But I know what you meant.

  7. Brown was out the whole year due to an Achilles injury. It's still a box killer since he is unproven and recovering from an injury, but worth to pick up on the cheap as a penny stock investment.

  8. Ramses Barden broke Jerry Rice's NCAA TD record...that combined with his 6'6", 230 lb profile, and I'd say its hard to label him the biggest box killer in the SPA set. I'll take a patch auto of a high upside player like Barden over a Jason Smith any day of the week.

    By the way, not sure if you sent the break hits out yet, but the guy who pulled the Giants autos, if you're interested in any of the Bills Rookie/Autos that I'm due, let me know, I'll gladly trade for yours

  9. I can't defend Mike Thomas' redemptions, however as a receiver he's talented and his arrow is pointing up. He owns the record for receptions in the Pac-10. Last season he was tied for 4th with Crabtree in rookie receptions. Only Collie, Harvin, and Maclin had more. I don't know that he'll ever be a monster number 1 (he's 5'8") receiver, but he has potential to be very productive. Oh, and he was a 4th round pick.

    Of course value-wise he will suffer due to the Jaguars effect, evidenced by Jones-Drew undervalued cards. So, perhaps he remains a box killer to non-Jaguars fans, but not because he's a non-producing bust.

  10. I'm surprised Brandon Pettigrew wasn't mentioned on this list. I think he's a good player, but Tight End's never get any love in the hobby. Mike Thomas shouldn't be put ahead of Pettigrew at all.

    Though I agree with Robiskie's spot on the list, the Browns aren't nearly as bad as you paint them out to be. Did you not watch the last 4 weeks of the season? A four game winning streak is solid any way you slice it. Sure they may not have been against great teams, but still the Browns aren't as bad as your painting them to be.