Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay Away From NSA: Part Two

A few weeks ago I posted on NSA, the douchebag scammers that have infested the net. These are the guys who do the shitty fake jersey "1/1s" that get fed into eBay on a daily basis. Personally, I cant understand why someone would even consider buying the cards when they look like this, but there is a sucker born every minute. Remember, a Brett Favre gamer recently sold for $12,000 on NFL auctions, and the company who has the deal to buy the jerseys resells them at 20K. Do you think they could make these cards for that kind of dough? Not with the players that they have made into cards. Jordan gamers just cost WAY too much money.

Regardless, NSA does make money on their transactions, and there are a lot of people who are sick of them being able to operate. Despite the fact that the "cards" look like they were made in MS Paint, collectors buy them thinking that they are real. I just got back from a show where there were guys selling these at absurd prices. Yeah, its that bad.

My advice is to watch these videos, one of which was posted over on FCB. People are starting to realize they were had, and im fucking elated that they are FINALLY getting it. My favorite part is when they see that the website is "under construction." My ass it is. NSA needs to be shut down.

Yeah, thats some pretty damning shit. I hope the guys who started these get what is coming to them.


  1. Saw the video, pieces of paper stuck together with material that a 3 year old cut.

  2. Wouldn't the fact that they're not licensed but still using photos with logos be a tip-off that they're fakes?

  3. I think whoever buys these deserves what they get.

  4. Yeah, I always thought you'd have to be a moron to buy one of these cards, but these videos prove that you have to be more than a moron. You have to be a Sarah Palin level retard.

  5. "You have to be a Sarah Palin level retard."

    I love it.

    But to be fair, if you were just new to the hobby (or just coming back into the hobby after a long time out), I can MAYBE understand why you would be fooled into buying it, though the quality should still indicate that something isn't right.

  6. How are these guys maintaining such a high level of feedback? Doesn't make any sense, unless they're just sprinkling fake product in with real cards on their auctions.